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Why Choose UCS1903? UCS1903 vs WS2811

Suntech Lite is a top manufacturer and supplier that focuses on pixel LED strips and LED neon lights.

If you plan to use digital LED strips for lighting and decorative projects, it is critical to choose an LED strip with the correct IC chip. LED driver chips are an important component in LED lighting systems. They control the individual LEDs, allowing for various effects and patterns to be created. In this blog, we’ll compare UCS1903 vs WS2811 two chips, and explore their similarities and differences.

UCS1903 vs WS2811 led strip

There are two different versions of the UCS1903 LED driver chip: the UCS1903B and the UCS1903H. The table below compares the UCS1903 and WS2811 LED driver chip.

Table Compare: UCS1903 vs WS2811 LED Strip

Item UCS1903 LED Strip WS2811 LED Strip
Two-point transmission distance >20m 5m
IC port withstand voltage UCS1903B-18V, UCS1903H-28V 20V
Port Scan Frequency 3500Hz 400Hz
Anti-static 6000V 2000V
Signal immunity Cancel IC filter capacitor 104 capacitors work fine 104 capacitors will jitter frequently
Wire Positive + Negative +Single Data Wire Positive + Negative +Single Data Wire
Voltage DC12v/24v DC12v/24v
Color RGB/White RGB/White
IC Type External IC External IC
Grayscale 256 256

Table 1. A table quickly shows the differences and similarities of UCS1903 vs WS2811

For more UCS1903 and WS2811 LED strip types:

Suntech Lite New UCS1903 LED Strip: https://suntechlite.com/ucs1903-led-strip/

Suntech Lite New WS2811 LED Strip: https://suntechlite.com/ws2811-led-strip/

UCS1903 vs WS2811 LED Strip Signal Transmission Compare

Video-1. UCS1903 LED strip signal stability test

Video-2. WS2811 LED strip signal stability test

From the compare videos of UCS1903 and WS2811 strip signal transmission test, we know that the signal transmission of the UCS1903 LED strip is more stable in the case of far distance transmission.

UCS1903 and WS2811 LED Strip Remove Capacitor Video Comparison

From the video we can see that after removing the capacitor, the UCS1903 LED Strip is stable than the WS2811. If you are looking for WS2811 LED strip but pursuing a better performance, the UCS1903 LED Strip will be a great choice.

Through this blog, maybe you have a deeper understanding of UCS1903 LED strip and WS2811 LED strip. Of course, choosing a budget that suits you is also crucial. If you are interested, please send us an inquiry and we will give you the fastest reply.

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