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Non-waterproof LED Power Supply

Chinese Professional Addressable LED Lights Manufacturer & Supplier

Suntech Lite is a professional LED strip, LED neon, LED controller, LED power supply manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide high-quality IP20 IP66 IP67 LED power supply products. Various types of non-waterproof LED power supplies are available, including regular LED driver power with grid heat dissipation and ultra slim LED power supply. LED power supply DC 5V 12V 15V 24V 36V 48V LED lighting transformers 35W 50W 75W 100W 150W 250W 300W 350W 400W LED driver for LED strips are available. Welcome Inquiry.

Ultra Slim LED Power Supply IP20 Indoor

IP20 LED Driver Power With Grid Heat Dissipation Non-waterproof

Mini LED Power Supply Indoor IP20

How to Check If the LED Driver is Damaged?

Step 1: Lights dim or flash

The first thing to check is the connections throughout the system. If anything is loose or disconnected, it could disrupt power distribution, causing lights to flicker or dim. So checking that all wires and plugs in your system are tightly connected is the first step.

Step 2: Make sure the wiring is correct

If the LED strip does not work properly, check that the AC input is correctly connected to “N” and “L”. Make sure the red wire “+” on the light strip is connected to the power supply “+v”. The “-” wire of the light strip is connected to the “-v” of the power supply. Do not connect the wrong wire.

Step 3: Match the specifications of the LED strip and power supply

DC5V LED light strips require a DC5V output LED driver. DC12V LED light strips require a DC12V output LED driver.

Step 4: Set the LED power supply to the correct input voltage setting

Some LED power supplies can accommodate both 110VAC and 220VAC input. But there is an internal switch that sets the input switch to send the input voltage between 110VAD or 220VAC.

Step 5: Make sure the LED driver is not damaged

Some drives will be damaged due to overheating or excessive power or other manufacturer’s reasons after being used for a long time. We can use a multimeter to check the input and output of the driver. Test voltage and current levels by measuring the voltage and current at each output port on the system using a multimeter.

75W 150W 300W 400W LED Driver, Which Watts to Choose?

How many watts will your LED strip consume?

If you wish to run multiple LED strips from one power supply, the total wattage you need is simply adding up the wattage required for each strip. To ensure that the strip works properly, you need a large enough power supply, typically providing a 20% buffer for the calculated total LED wattage.

Multiply the calculated total wattage by 1.2 to get your appropriate wattage power supply. Then find a power supply with that wattage to do it easily.

For example, we have 10 LED strips running about 12 watts each. Simply multiplying these together shows that our system wattage should be approximately 120 watts. Now we can add 20% of the recommended buffer, giving us 120 x 1.2 = 144 watts. A 150 watt (or higher) power supply is sufficient for this project.