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SP902E Signal Amplifier for Addressable LED strip

SP902E Signal Amplifier

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SP902E Signal Amplifier

SP902E Signal Amplifier for Addressable LED strip
SP902E Wire Connection

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SP902E Signal Amplifier
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SP902E Port Descriptions

PowerPower input port— VCC is connected to the positive terminal of the power supply and GND is connected to the negative terminal, It supports a wide voltage input range of DC5V-24V
Syn SignalCascading signal input and output port–Compatible with both TTL and RS485 signal inputs.
▶ “IN+/IN-“: Cascading signal input port(When connecting to the main controller, DAT of the main controller is connected to “IN+”, and GND is connected to “IN-“; When cascading with sub-amplifier,
“OUT+” of the previous sub-amplifier is connected to “IN+” and “OUT-” is connected to “IN-“)

▶ “OUT+/OUT-“: Cascading signal output por(t “OUT+” and “OUT-” are respectively connected to
“IN+” and “IN-” of the next sub-amplifier)

Export to LEDPort for connecting two sets of LED
VCC DAT GND: Signal output and power output for the LED