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APA102 144 leds LED Strip Light

DC5V Individually Controlled RGB LED Tape Light

APA102 144 leds LED Strip Parameters

ModelVoltagePowerPixel QuantityLED QuantityCutting UnitBreak ContinuePCB Width
STB-TTL-4PIN-RGB-144-5VDC5V43W/M144 pixels/m144 LEDs/m6.9mmNo12mm

APA102 144 LEDs Addressable LED Strip

DC5V APA102 144 leds LED strip
APA102 RGB LED strip supplier
APA102 RGB LED strip customized

APA102 144 leds LED Strip Features

APA102 144 leds LED strip is a versatile and dynamic lighting solution that features a wide range of features and applications. Here are some of the key features and applications of APA102 LED strips:


High density: APA102 LED strips feature 144 individual LEDs per meter, allowing for highly detailed and dynamic lighting effects.

Individually Addressable: Each individual LED can be controlled independently, allowing for highly customizable lighting designs.

Easy to control: APA102 144 leds LED strips are compatible with a variety of microcontrollers and LED control software, making them easy to integrate into a wide range of lighting projects.

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APA102 vs SK9822

When we search for LED light strips online, we may see a wide variety of LED light strip ICs with different functions and price. With so many types of LED strip lights to choose from, you might be torn between which one to use. Therefore, in this blog, I will introduce the difference between APA102 and SK9822, so that you can better understand which LED strip light suits your needs. Let’s continue reading!

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Differences between APA102 vs SK9822

The APA102 pixel protocol is designed by Taiwan APA Electronics. Also known as “Superled”, is one of the most commonly used protocols for pixel lighting displays. SK9822 is an improved design of its predecessor, the SK6822, which uses a clock line to achieve a faster refresh rate and improves the optics to achieve a higher PWM rate. The SK9822 is also the most commonly used protocol for Pixel Lighting Displays.

Table: APA102 VS SK9822

PWM Frequency2.0+KHZ4.7+ kHZ
Update TriggerRGB data transmissionReset frame
Physical PackageSMD5050 with integrated LEDsSMD5050 with integrated LEDs
Chip size~1 mm²~0.65 mm²

From the table above, we can clearly know the difference between APA102 and SK9822 in PWM frequency, update trigger and chip size. For these two LEDs with different ICs, the die used in the SK9822 is much smaller than the APA102. As a rough estimate, APA102 appears to be 1 mm², while SK9822 is about 0.65 mm². Smaller dies may result in lower costs. So it’s no surprise that vendors are trying to replace APA102 with SK9822.

APA102 strip light
sk9822 strip light

Common features of APA102 and SK9822

What are the similarities between APA102 and SK9822? Here are what they all have in common:

(1) Both APA102 LED and SK9822 LED use SMD 5050 components, built-in IC, 5v RGB chip, 1pcs pixel to control one LED. 

(2) The three RGB output control, 8Bit (256) color; 5Bit (32) to adjust the brightness.

(3) High-quality SMD internally integrates high-quality external control lines, and cascaded constant current ICs in series.

(4) CMOS technology, low voltage, low power consumption.

What is APA102?

APA102 is designed by Taiwan APA Electronics Company, the IC control circuit and LED are integrated into SMD 5050 package. The APA102 is an SPI based chipset in a package similar to the WS2812, but may have a higher data rate, so it is more expensive than the regular WS2812. APA102 uses the standard two-wire SPI protocol: one data wire and the other clock wire. Each LED IC has two inputs and two outputs.

What is SK9822?

The protocol of SK9822 is very similar to that of APA102C. Both ICs are clock+ data transmission and three channels (RGB) drive intelligent control circuit and light-emitting circuit in LED light source control. This is a brand-new IC LED chip. SK9822 has a clock wire and a data wire, it adopts dual synchronous output, data, and synchronous CLK signal, and the output actions of each wafer connected in series are synchronous.

APA102 and SK9822 LED strips applications

(1) LED lamp, LED Strip, LED pixel module
(2) Full color LED string light, LED appearance/scene lighting
(3) LED point light, LED pixel screen, a variety of electronic products, electrical equipment, etc.
(4) These two kinds of flexible addressable LED strips are suitable for indoor and outdoor, such as cabinet displays, shelves, hotels, KTV, and outdoor advertising signboards.


Through this blog, I think you probably know the difference between APA102 and SK9822. In fact, there is not much difference between them. If there is a price requirement, then you can choose SK9822, which is more advantageous. If you are interested, but you still have some other questions, please feel free to contact our Suntech team, we have professionals to answer for you.You can send emails to us to consult and purchase LED strips through this email: sales@suntechleds.com.