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Addressable LED Master Controller

LED Master Controller for RGB RGBW LED Pixel Light

  1. The playback content is stored in an SD card, which can store up to 32 effect files. The SD card capacity supports single effect playback, effects playback loop, effect speed up, and speed down.
  2. The controller adopts standard TCP/IP internet agreement, the single transmission is more stable, and can use ultra-five cable or fiber optic to connect.
  3. Match use with our T-500K offline operation, which can support up to 100000 pixels or 40 sets of T-500K controllers.
  4. Support timed (holiday) playback, global wireless GPS synchronization.
  5. The controller against the DMX IC comes with a coding function; In addition, match use with our LedEdit-K software can make a one-key coding setting.
  1. The system may support 150,000 points offline. It may meet the project needs of clients.
  2. The system supports automatic, regular, and preset programs play.
  3. The controller is equipped with keys and External Remote Control; the episode selection, overall brightness adjustment, white balance adjustment and playback speed adjustment, etc.
  4. Support offline one key fixed; clearing sub-controller ID number; it is convenient to use on the field.
  5. Support switch parallel program; reduce system cascade chain length; improve stability.
  6. Support dual backup; Failure of one controller and the net wire is broken will not influence the operation.
  7. Tricolor independent brightness control may adjust white balance precisely, simple and effective.
  8. Support four-color lighting: energy saving, environmental and pure color.
  1. Ultra-large touch screen, intuitive display, quick and simple operation, controller status monitoring at any time.
  2. Powerful performance, able to load up to 160,000 pixels or 80 slave controllers
  3. Adopting GPS/Beidou dual satellite synchronization module to realize the synchronization of each frame between multiple devices.
  4. Equipped with RS-485 ports (Modbus) and UDP ports for connecting to third-party devices.
  5. Supporting Bluetooth control, mobile phone control, real-time PC/mobile phone APP control, LAN file replacement, and Internet remote file replacement.
  6. Supporting timing play and multi-level encryption function.

Choose the Right Master Controller: XB-Z2 and MR-BF12B


In the world of LED lighting, addressable LED master controllers play a significant role in managing and controlling sophisticated lighting systems. These controllers are designed to provide an efficient and seamless way to control addressable LED strip lights, offering a wide range of customizable options. In this article, we will explore two popular addressable LED master controllers: XB-Z2 and MR-BF12B. We’ll delve into their features, benefits, installation, and applications to help you make an informed decision about which controller is right for your needs.

XB-Z2 Controller

Features and Benefits

The XB-Z2 controller is a powerful and versatile addressable LED master controller designed to control various addressable LED strip lights. Its main features include:

  • Compatible with multiple LED chip types, including: 
  • Multiple control modes, including Single master control, Online and offline integrated control, Synchronous control of multiple master GPS/BDS satellite signals, Multiple master controllers online and offline integrated control, and Synchronization of multiple master RF radios.
  • Customizable settings for lighting effects and speed
  • Easy-to-use interface and convenient installation

Installation and Setup

Setting up the XB-Z2 controller is straightforward and requires minimal technical knowledge. First, connect the controller to the pixel LED lights using the provided connectors. Then, power the controller using a compatible power supply. Finally, use the buttons on the controller or use the remote control to configure the controller settings and effects.

MR-BF12B Controller

Features and Benefits

The MR-BF12B controller is another popular addressable LED master controller, boasting a robust set of features that cater to different lighting requirements. Key features include:

  • Compatibility with diverse addressable LED chips, including WS2811, WS2812, WS2813, and UCS1903.
  • Multiple control methods, such as smartphone app control, DMX control, and standalone mode
  • Pre-programmed color effects and patterns
  • Customizable settings for brightness, color, and speed
  • User-friendly interface and easy installation

Installation and Setup

Installing the MR-BF12B controller is a breeze. First, connect the controller to the LED strip lights using the appropriate connectors. Next, power the controller with a compatible power supply. Lastly, use the smartphone app or DMX controller to configure the settings and effects.

Comparing XB-Z2 and MR-BF12B Controllers


  • Both controllers are compatible with multiple addressable LED chips.
  • Both offer multiple control methods, including online and offline integrated control and multiple master controllers online and offline integrated control .
  • Both need a SD card to store the program effects and customizable settings.


  • The XB-Z2 controller can drive 100,000 pixels, MR-BF12B controller can support max 150,000 pixels.
  • The MR-BF12B controller supports brightness adjustment, but the XB-Z2 controller does not.

Choosing the Right Addressable LED Master Controller

When selecting an addressable LED master controller, consider factors such as compatibility with your LED strip lights, control methods, ease of installation, and available features. Both the XB-Z2 and MR-BF12B controllers offer a range of options, making them suitable for various applications. Ultimately, the choice depends on your specific needs and preferences.


Addressable LED master controllers, such as the XB-Z2 and MR-BF12B, are essential components in managing and controlling sophisticated LED lighting systems. These controllers offer a wide range of features, control methods, and compatibility with various addressable LED chips, making them suitable for numerous applications. By understanding their features and differences, you can choose the right controller to meet your specific lighting needs.


1. What is an addressable LED master controller?

An addressable LED master controller is a device that manages and controls addressable LED strip lights. It allows for precise control over individual LED pixels and customization of color effects and animations.

2. What are the main differences between the XB-Z2 and MR-BF12B controllers?

The main differences between the XB-Z2 and MR-BF12B controllers are that the XB-Z2 includes a remote control, while the MR-BF12B does not, and the MR-BF12B supports standalone mode, while the XB-Z2 does not.

3. Can I use both the XB-Z2 and MR-BF12B controllers for my addressable LED strip lights?

Yes, both controllers are compatible with a range of addressable LED chips, but make sure to check the specific compatibility with your LED strip lights before purchasing either controller.

4. How do I install and set up an addressable LED master controller?

Installation and setup for both XB-Z2 and MR-BF12B controllers involve connecting the controller to the LED strip lights, powering the controller with a compatible power supply, and configuring the settings and effects using a smartphone app, remote control, or DMX controller.

5. What are some applications of addressable LED lighting systems?

Addressable LED lighting systems are suitable for various applications, such as architectural and decorative lighting, entertainment and stage lighting, signage and advertising, and interactive art installations.