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K8000C Addressable LED Controller

  • SD card offline controller
  • 8-port output 8192 pixels maximum
  • Add a display based on old version
  • Add more IC chips + DMX512 chips
  • Comes with DMX512 chips write address code function
  • Support our all led digital strips, led pixel lights, etc

K8000C controller conventional IC lamps wiring

Conventional IC lamps wiring K8000C from SunliteLED

How to set up K-8000C led strip controller

Example 1:
K8000C set up
Example 2:
K8000C connect led strip set up


  1. What is the difference between addressable and traditional LEDs?
    Addressable LEDs can be controlled independently, meaning that each LED can display a different color or effect. Traditional LEDs, on the other hand, cannot be controlled independently, meaning that all of the LEDs connected to the controller will display the same color or effect.

  2. What types of addressable LEDs are compatible with the K8000C?
    The K8000C is compatible with a wide range of addressable LEDs, including popular brands such as WS2812B, SK6812, and APA102.

  3. Can the K8000C be used for live events?
    Yes, the K8000C allows for real-time control of the LEDs.