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SK6812 Mini LED Strip

SK6812 Mini 5mm Sk6812 Strip Lighting Display

SK6812 Mini LED Strip Pictures

SK6812 5mm Addressable LED Strip feature pictures
SK6812 5mm RGBW LED strip light
SK6812 Mini LED Strip addressable SunTech
SK6812 3535 LED Strip 5mm addressable
Color changing ambiance with SK6812 RGBW LED tape
Illuminated art installation using SK6812 RGBW LED tape
Vibrant pool lighting with SK6812 RGBW LED tape
Festive holiday lighting with SK6812 RGBW LED tape

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Frequent asked questions of SK6812 Mini LEDs Strip

1. Can I address individual LEDs on the SK6812 mini LED strip?

Yes, you can address individual LEDs on the SK6812 mini LED strip using an XB-C100 encoder or other LED controller.

2. Can I use the SK6812 mini LED strip with a sound-activated controller?

Yes, you can use the SK6812 mini LED strip with a sound-activated controller YC3000A or T790K, which will synchronize the lighting effects with the music or sound levels. Make sure to choose a controller that is compatible with the SK6812 mini LED strip and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for wiring and programming.

3. Can I use the SK6812 RGBW LED strip with a DMX controller?

No , SK6812 is SPI signal which is different from DMX signal.

4. Can I use the mini SK6812 LED strip outdoors?

Yes, SuntechLite provides the SK6812 mini LED strip in IP20, IP65, AND IP67.  The IP65 and IP67 models can be used outdoors, as long as it is installed correctly. If you want to use it underwater, we can customize the IP68 strip for you


Cable Connectors

Controllers Recommended

SK6812 and mini SK6812 LED strip, what is the difference?

Here are the key differences between the SK6812 and SK6812 mini LED strips:

Size: The SK6812 mini SMD3535 is smaller than the SK6812 5050 LED, with each LED measuring 3.5mm x 3.5mm VS 5.0mm x 5.0mm , making it ideal for smaller projects.

Density: The mini SK6812 has a higher density of LEDs, with up to 120 LEDs per meter, while the regular SK6812 5050 LED is 60 LEDs per meter, making the SK6812 mini better suited for more intricate lighting effects.

Overall, the SK6812 mini is better suited for smaller, more intricate projects where space is limited and a higher density of LEDs is required. Meanwhile, the SK6812 is a more versatile option for a range of lighting applications. It’s important to consider the specific requirements of your project when choosing between the two LED strips.