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SK9822 LED Strip

Upgrade your lighting game with the SK9822 LED strip, a powerful and flexible lighting solution that offers unparalleled control and customization. 

SK9822 Features:

Top SMD internal integrated high quality external control line serial cascade constant current IC; 5V application; default on electric lights;

● Control circuit and the RGB chip in SMD 5050 components, to form a complete control of pixel,color mixing uniformity and consistency;

● The two-wire synchronous control.

●The three RGB output control, 8Bit (256) color; 5Bit (32) to adjust the brightness;

● The three constant current drive, self detection function specific signal

● The maximum frequency of 30MHZ serial data input

● The double data transmission, built-in support uninterrupted oscillation PWM output, can maintain a static image. 

Types of S9822 LED Strip

SK9822 RGB LED Strip Features

Advanced addressable LED technology: The SK9822 LED strip is individually controlled LED strip.

High speed data transfer : With a high refresh rate at 30MHz and low latency, the SK9822 delivers smooth and seamless color transitions, ensuring a truly immersive and engaging lighting experience.

Pixels quantity : It can be made with 60pixels per meter and 144 pixels per meter.

Low power consumption: The SK9822 LED strip is designed with DC5v, safe and low voltage.

Why Choose SunTechLite

Located in Shenzhen, SunTechLite is one of the leading addressable pixel LED strip manufacturers in China. After 15 years of development, we have developed into a company integrating production and trade, and have won the trust and support of customers from all over the world with high-quality products and high-quality services.

Our Addressable LED light strips have the following main advantages:

  1. PCB thickness: SuntechLite uses 0.25mm and 0.35mm PCB for our regular strip lights. (The thickness of the general PCB on the market is 0.2mm.) The thicker the PCB board, the greater the current flowing, and the higher the efficiency of the light strip.
  2. High-quality Resistors: Authentic Guarantee, Antioxidant. DC12v LED strip generally uses 0.8mm*0.5mm resistors, DC24v LED strip generally uses 1.2mm*0.6mm resistors. This makes the strips have good heat dissipation, high temperature resistance, and very stable.
  3. Dual capacitor design: Dual capacitor design can protect the IC, and the signal transmission is stable.
  4. Firm light strip connection: Tin is added to the connection of the light strip, which is convenient for welding after cutting. The solder joints are full, and there will be no false welding.

Besides, we have a specialized engineering team to offer technical support and assistance with the installation and programming of the LED strips. And you can feel free to contact us if any questions in the using process.

To know more about our PCB design advantages, please click unique PCB design by SunliteThis article has described our PCB design with detailed products and pictures in detail. And we have made a PDF profile to describe the advantages of the LED strip light, please click Suntechlite LED Strip Advantages to download.

SK9822 LED Strip Applications

Addressable LED Strip controller application

Home decor

Mood lighting

Restaurant and bar lighting

Stage and concert lighting

TV and home theater lighting

Dance floor lighting

Signage and advertising displays

Museum and gallery lighting

Casino and gaming lighting

Entertainment venue lighting

WS9822 LED Strip Accessories

Cable Connectors

FAQ about SK9822 LED strip

1. Can I use an SK9822 LED strip outdoors?

Yes, you can use an SK9822 LED strip outdoors if it has a suitable IP rating such as IP65 IP66 or IP67 for outdoor use. Ensure that the strip, power supply, and controller are all properly protected from the elements.

2. How do I control the color and animation of an SK9822 LED strip?

You’ll need a compatible controller or microcontroller, such as an Arduino or Raspberry Pi, to control the color and animation of an SK9822 LED strip.

3. What is the maximum length of an SK9822 LED strip?

SK9822 LED strip is DC5v , max length we suggest 3 meters.

4. What is the difference between SK9822 and WS2812B LED strips?

Some key differences between SK9822 and WS2812B LED strips is the data transmission speed, with the built-in clock signal in the SK9822 strip, which ensures more stable and reliable data transmission.

5. How can I extend the length of my SK9822 LED strip?

To extend the length of your SK9822 LED strip, you may need to solder wires between the strips with LED driver supplying power.