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SK6813 Addressable LED Tape

DC5V 60LEDs/m 144LEDs/m Programmable LED Strip Light

SK6813 Addressable LED Tape Picture

Versatile SK6813 Addressable LED Tape
Customizable SK6813 LED Ribbon for Any Application
rgb sk6813 led strip
Premium Quality SK6813 RGB Tape for Colorful Lighting

SK6813 Pixel LED Strip Lighting Display

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SK6813 led tape applications

SK6813 Light Strip Applications

Room Lighting: SK6813 addressable LED tape can be used to create customized room lighting displays in homes or commercial spaces. 

Retail Lighting: SK6813 addressable LED tape can be used to create attention-grabbing lighting displays for retail stores

Stage Lighting: SK6813 RGB LED tape is an ideal choice for creating stunning and dynamic lighting displays for stage performances. 

Accessories: LED Strip Connectors

LED Strip Controllers

SK6813 VS SK6812

SK6813 and SK6812 are both types of addressable LED tape that use a single data line for communication and control. However, there are some differences between the two that may impact the user’s decision when choosing which one to use.

Color Accuracy: SK6813 supports RGB only. SK6812 supports both RGB and RGBW.

Compatibility: SK6813 is fully compatible with WS2812B and SK6812 controllers, making it easy to integrate into existing lighting systems.

Price: SK6813 RGB is generally more expensive than SK6812 RGB,  but price lower than SK6812 RGBW.

Voltage: SK6813 supports both DC12v and DC5v, while SK6812 only support DC5v