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DMX Warm White LED Strip

DC12V DC24V 60LEDs/m DMX512 LED Strip

Product Parameters

ItemVoltagePowerPixel QtyLED QtyCutting UnitBreak ContinuePCB Width
ST-DMX-5PIN-W-60-12VDC12V 14.4 W/m20 Pixels6050 mmYes10 mm
ST-DMX-5PIN-W-60-24VDC24V 14.4 W/m10 Pixels60100 mmYes10 mm

DMX Warm White LED Strip Product Series

dmx digital 24v white led strip
dmx512 white 60leds led strip
dmx 3000k led strip
dmx 3000k 60leds strip

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Video of the DMX Warm White LED Strip


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Q1: Are DMX white LED strips dimmable?

Yes, DMX white LED strips are dimmable using a DMX controller. This allows for precise control over the brightness of the lighting.

Q2: How do I choose the right DMX white digital LED strips for my needs?

When choosing DMX white digital LED strips, consider factors such as color temperature options, lighting effects, durability, and cost. It is also important to choose a reputable manufacturer with a good track record of producing high-quality LED strips.

Q3: Can DMX white LED tapess be synchronized with music?

Yes, DMX white LED taeps can be synchronized with music using a DMX controller that supports music synchronization. This allows the LED strips to change colors and patterns in time with the music.