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RGBWW LED Strip Connector

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The 6 pin RGBWW LED strip connector is designed for RGBWW (red, green, blue, warm white) LED strips. Independent control of RGB color channels and warm white color temperature adjustment. Available in 5mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm solderless snap-on led strip connectors.

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Different-shaped Connectors to Change LED Strip Direction

tape to tape led strip connectors

Tape-to-tape LED Strip Connectors

The tape-to-tape connector can quickly connect 2 LED strips. It is suitable for connecting 2 LED light strips without gaps. The invisible structure does not block light and avoid dark areas, thereby eliminating the problem of limited space.

Tape-to-wire LED Strip Connectors

The tape-to-wire connector, on the other hand, just utilizes one head to connect the LED strip light, and the other end is a wire. It may be used to connect LED light strips to a power supply or a LED controller.

MA 1
MA 2

Ribbon Wire Ribbon LED Strip Connectors

Ribbon-wire-ribbon connectors are different from ribbon-to-ribbon connectors. There are matching wires between the two transparent snap buckles. It is suitable for installation at 90° corners of the L shape or corners at different angles. Easy to install and save space.

Tape-wire DC Connectors

One end of the tape-wire DC connector is connected to the LED strip, and the other end is connected to the DC head or female plug. It is suitable for connecting the LED light strip to a power supply or LED controller with a DC head.

MB L 800 800

L Shape LED Strip Connectors

L shape LED strip connectors are best suited for connections in corners or tight spaces where shorter cables are required. It is suitable for connecting two sections of LED strip together at a 90 degree angle. Adopting an invisible structure, it does not block light, does not require welding, and avoids dark areas.

T Shape LED Strip Connectors

T shape LED strip can be said to be an upgraded version of L shape LED strip connector. The T-shaped connector is best for connecting 3 LED strips together at a 90-degree angle. The connection is easy and fast, suitable for linear light and avoid taking up space.

MB T 800 800

Solderless LED Strip Connector Advantages

  • 【Compatible with multiple sizes of LED strip lights】5mm, 8mm and 10mm are available in multiple sizes. Transparent intermediate connectors avoid blocking light, leaving no dark areas.
  • 【Solderless extendable connector】 A variety of LED connector accessories are available: L-shape, T-shape, ribbon to wire, tape to tape, tape wire tape and other types that can extend the length of the strip light to the power supply or connector, thus eliminating the problem of limited space and enabling corner connections.
  • 【Easy to Use】Easy to install and no soldering required, this cob connector kit allows you to DIY safely and easily, saving you time and money. 
  • 【Stable Connection】 Stable connection and durable. Important: Before pressing the connection, please check whether the positive and negative poles of the light strip are consistent with the other end.

2 Pin vs. 3 Pin vs. 4 Pin vs. 5Pin vs. 6 Pin LED Strip Connector

2-pin led strip connectors are used to connect single-color LED strip lights.

2 Pin led strip connectors

On the circuit board, there are two copper pads, one positive and one negative. And the two copper pads are the strip light’s connecting points. This is where the term “two-pin” comes from. Please check for 2-pin led strip connections if your led strip light is white, red, blue, green, or any single color.

3-pin led light strip connectors are used for tunable white led strip lights and single-signal addressable led strips.

3 Pin led strip connectors

Tunable white led strip lights, also known as dual white led strips or CCT led light strips, come in two white colors: warm white and daylight white. You may choose the color to use in each scenario. They also include three copper pads for warm white and daylight lines, one positive and two negative.

There are three copper pads on single signal addressable led strips. However, there are three: one for positive, one for negative, and one for the digital signal line.

4-pin led strip light connectors are used for RGB color changing led strip lights, dual signal addressable LED strip lights, and breakpoint resume addressable LED lights.

4 Pin led strip connectors

RGB led strips are the most well-known led light strips. We frequently see folks inquiring how to connect RGB led strips. RGB color shifting lights have four copper pads, one positive and three negative R, G, B color lines.
There are four copper pads on dual signal addressable led strip lights and breakpoint resume addressable led strip lights. Also included are one for positive, one for negative, one for the clock or backup line, and one for the digital signal line.

It should be noted that addressable RGB led strip lights do not always require 4-pin connections. When choosing led connectors for addressable light strips, consider the signal line rather than the number of connecting points.

5-pin led strip connectors feature five copper pads and are used for RGBW led strip lights. For the R, G, B, and W colors, there is one positive line and four negative lines.

5 Pin led strip connectors

6-pin led strip light connectors are used for RGBCCT led strips. There are six copper pads, one for positive as the same and the others for R, G, B, W, and WW color lines. You can see that an RGBCCT led strip light is comparable to an RGB led strip light with a tunable white led strip.

6 Pin led strip connectors

Why Choose Suntech Lite COB LED Strip Connector?

Suntech Lite is a source LED light strip connector supplier. We provide various types of LED light strip connectors. According to the different functions of LED strip connectors, they can be divided into L-shaped connector series, T-shaped connector series, ribbon-to-ribbon connector series, ribbon-wire-ribbon connector series, and so on. According to the number of PINs, our LED light strip connectors can be divided into 2PIN, 3PIN, 4PIN, 5PIN, and 6PIN. The light strip’s width can be divided into 5mm, 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm.