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WS2813 LED strip

What is WS2813 LED Strip

The WS2813 LED strip is similar to the earlier WS2812B LED strip that both operate at DC5v, but with the addition of a backup data line. This means that if one LED fails or is disconnected, the rest of the LEDs in the strip will still work properly.

WS2813 RGB strip lights are widely used in a variety of applications, including stage lighting, architectural lighting, and DIY projects. They are popular with hobbyists and professionals alike due to their flexibility, ease of use, and ability to create complex lighting effects. 

To control WS2813 LED lights, you will need a microcontroller or other controller that uses the appropriate protocol. The most popular protocol for controlling these LED strips is the FastLED library, which is a powerful and easy-to-use library for Arduino and other microcontrollers.

How To Connect WS2813 LED Strip

The video on the left shows how to connect the WS2813 LED strip and how to perform simple control.

Step 1: Prepare all the devices in advance. We need a DC power supply, a LED controller, and a roll of WS2813 LED strip. 
Step 2: Connect the power wire and the connector to K-1000C controller.
Step 3: Connect the controller to a power source. 
Step 4: Connect the WS2813 LED strip to the power source and controller. 

For now, the connection is complete. Press the power switch to turn on the power, and the light strip will be lit.

Please click on How to wire and control addressable LED strip to view more details.

WS2813 Digital RGB LED Strips

LED Qty: 60/144
Voltage: DC5V
Cutting Unit: 16.67/6.9 mm

Power: 18/43 W/m 
Pixel Qty: 60/144 Pixels
Break Continue: Yes
PCB Width: 10/12 mm

WS2813 LED strip operates at DC5v with backup function since it has dual signal wires , if one data line is stoping working , the other data wire will continue working, making it an update version of WS2812 which operate at DC5v but with only one data wire. WS2813 LED strip has 60leds/m and 144leds/m to choose from, different density for different applications.

Item: STB-TTL-4PIN-RGB-144-5V
LED Qty: 144
Voltage: DC5V
Cutting Unit: 6.9 mm

Power: 43 W/m 
Pixel Qty: 144 Pixels
Break Continue: Yes
PCB Width: 12mm

WS2813 is a built-in IC LED strip that can be individually controlled by Arduino platform. 144leds/m also means 144pixels/m strip with 12mm width is the highest density WS2813 LED strip we can get in the market. 

WS2813 LED Strip Specification Download

File Name Download
WS2813 60leds 144leds Addressable RGB LED Strip Specification Download Icon

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WS2813 LED Strip Features​

  • Backup Data Line: The backup data line in WS2813 LED lights ensures that the LEDs will still function even if there is a break in the data line, providing added reliability and peace of mind.
  • Individual Addressable: One of the key features of WS2813 LED tape lights is their ability to address individual LEDs, making them capable of producing complex lighting effects.
  • Easy to Use: WS2813 strip lights are easy to use and can be controlled using a microcontroller or other device that can communicate with the WS2813 driver IC using the appropriate protocol.
  • Energy Efficient: WS2813 LED strips are energy efficient and can be powered using a low voltage power supply.

WS2813 LED Strip vs. Other Addressable LED Strip

  • WS2813 vs WS2815

WS2813 LED strip is an updated version of WS2812B, it is DC5V with voltage drop.
The WS2815 light strip is DC12v input instead of DC5v input, and there is almost no voltage drop, which is the main difference compared with WS2813. So can run longer distances than WS2813 light strip. Click WS2813 VS WS2815 to know more differences between them.

ws2813 vs ws 2815 Voltage Drop
  • WS2812B vs WS2813

WS2812B is the upgraded version of WS2812, which has integrated the drive chip and circuit into an SMD LED. WS2813 is the upgraded version of WS2812B. Like WS2812, it supports individual control and has the same 256 grayscales. The critical difference between WS2812B and WS2813 is that the WS2813 LED strip has dual data transmission, while WS2812B has single data transmission. Click WS2812B WS2813 comparison to see their differences and similarities.

WS2812B 3pin vs WS2813 4pin

Why Choose SunTechLite

Located in Shenzhen, SunTechLite is one of the leading LED strip manufacturers in China. After 15 years of development, we have developed into a company integrating production and trade, and have won the trust and support of customers from all over the world with high-quality products and high-quality services.

Our Addressable LED light strips have the following main advantages:

  1. PCB thickness: SuntechLite uses 0.25mm and 0.35mm PCB for our regular strip lights. (The thickness of the general PCB on the market is 0.2mm.) The thicker the PCB board, the greater the current flowing, and the higher the efficiency of the light strip.
  2. High-quality Resistors: Authentic Guarantee, Antioxidant. DC12v LED strip generally uses 0.8mm*0.5mm resistors, DC24v LED strip generally uses 1.2mm*0.6mm resistors. This makes the strips have good heat dissipation, high temperature resistance, and very stable.
  3. Dual capacitor design: Dual capacitor design can protect the IC, and the signal transmission is stable.
  4. Firm light strip connection: Tin is added to the connection of the light strip, which is convenient for welding after cutting. The solder joints are full, and there will be no false welding.

Besides, we have a specialized engineering team to offer technical support and assistance with the installation and programming of the LED strips. And you can feel free to contact us if any questions in the using process.

To know more about our PCB design advantages, please click unique PCB design by SunliteThis article has described our PCB design with detailed products and pictures in detail. And we have made a PDF profile to describe the advantages of the LED strip light, please click Suntechlite LED Strip Advantages to view details.

WS2813 LED Strip Applications

• Decorative Lighting
WS2813 RGB LED strip is widely used for decorative and ambient lighting at homes, offices, shops, clubs, etc. Its programmability and various effects like color changing, color fading, strobing, etc. make it ideal for creating aesthetic lighting setups.

• Signage
WS2813 RGB LED strip is used to create bright and colorful signage and displays for advertising and promotional purposes. It is used to make channel letters, light boxes, neon signs, etc.

• Indoor Gardening
WS2813 individual control LED strip provides bright and full spectrum light that can be used as supplemental light for indoor plants and gardens. Its specific wavelengths can stimulate plant growth.

LED Strip Accessories

Cable Connectors

FAQs of WS2813 RGB LED Tape

Q1. What is the difference between WS2812B and WS2813 LED strips?

The main difference between WS2812B and WS2813 LED strips is the addition of a backup data line in WS2813 LED light, which ensures that the LEDs will still function even if there is a break in the data line.

Q2. Can WS2813 RGB LED strips be cut to length?

Yes, WS2813 RGB LED strips can be cut to length to fit any design or application.

Q3. What is the maximum length of a WS2813 pixel LED strip?

The maximum length of a WS2813 pixel LED strip will depend on the power supply and the number of LEDs in the strip. It’s important to choose the right power supply and avoid overloading the data line to ensure reliable operation.

Q4. What type of programming language or library is required to program WS2813 LED strips?

To program WS2813 LED strips, you will need to use a programming language or library that supports the WS2813 driver IC, such as the FastLED library for Arduino.

Q5. Can WS2813 LED tape lights be used outdoors?

WS2813 LED tape lights are not designed for outdoor use and should be kept indoors or in protected areas to avoid damage from moisture or other environmental factors.