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FW1935 LED Strip

What is FW1935 LED Strip?

FW1935 is a dedicated circuit for single-wire 3-channel LED constant current drive. Its input can be achieved through the mutual switching of the two-channel digital interfaces (DIN, FDIN) which are cascaded with DO port. The external controller only needs a single wire to control the chip which integrates with MCU single-wire two-channel digital interface, data latch, LED constant current drive, PWM luminance control andother circuits. VDD pin integrates with 5V voltage-regulator tube, with few peripheral devices.

FW1935 LED strip works great with Arduino, Adafruit NeoPixel Library, Fast LED library, and Raspberry Pi, etc.

We supply FW1935 backup signal LED strip both in RGB and White colors. 

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Product Features

High-Quality LED Chips: Sunliteleds supply 5 years warranty with Epistar LED chip, high brightness and high quality.

Dimmable: FW1935 break continue LED strip is dimmable, which means you can adjust the brightness with Arduino, Adafruit NeoPixel Library, Fast LED library, and Raspberry Pi, etc.

Easy Installation: FW1935 RGB LED tape with a self-adhesive backing that makes it easy to attach to any surface. This means you can have your LED strip up and running in no time.

Flexible Design: FW1935 RGB LED tape is flexible, which means it can be bent and shaped to fit any space. This makes it ideal for use in a variety of applications.

Common Applications

Addressable LED Strip controller application

Home Lighting: 

Commercial Lighting: 

Event Lighting: 

Outdoor Lighting: 

Signage Lighting: 

Stage Lighting: 

LED Strip Accessories

Cable Connectors

FAQ about FW1935 ED strip

1. How do I clean my FW1935 RGB LED strip?
Gently wipe the strip with a soft, damp cloth to remove any dust or debris. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials, as they may damage the strip.

2. Can I use FW1935 LED tape lights outdoors?
While some FW1935 LED light strips are designed for outdoor use such as IP67, this way you can use outdoor.

3. Is it possible to extend the length of my FW1935 pixel LED strip?
Yes, you can connect multiple FW1935 pixel LED strips together to create a longer strip. 

4. What is the average lifespan of an FW1935 LED strip?
FW1935 LED strips typically have a lifespan of 50,000 hours or more, depending on usage and environmental factors.

5. How do I choose the right power supply for my FW1935 strip lights?
Check the manufacturer’s specifications for the required voltage and current ratings, then select a power supply that meets or exceeds these requirements. 

Why Choose SunTechLite

Located in Shenzhen, SunTechLite is one of the leading LED strip manufacturers in China. After 15 years of development, we have developed into a company integrating production and trade, and have won the trust and support of customers from all over the world with high-quality products and high-quality services.

SunTechLite uses high-quality materials and components to produce LED strips, ensuring our products are durable and reliable, and can be subject to harsh environments. And we test all products before shipping goods out to ensure that all LED strips are safe and reliable and meet standards and specifications.

We have a specialized engineering team to offer technical support and assistance with the installation and programming of the LED strips. And you can feel free to contact us if any questions in the using process.

All the LED strip lights provided at least 3 years warranty, and 5 years warranty is available.