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TM1834 LED Strip

Item: STE-4PIN-RGBW-72-24V

Voltage: DC 24V

Power: 24 W/M

Pixel Quantity: 12 pixels/m

LED Quantity: 72 LEDs/m

Cutting Unit: 83.3 mm

Break Continue: Yes

PCB Width: 10 mm

TM1814 is a 4-channel LED drive control dedicated circuit (8-pin IC SOP8 ), which integrates MCU digital interface, data latch, LED high voltage drive and other circuits. The peripheral MCU controls the individual brightness of the chip, and the cascades control to achieve color dot matrix light control of addressable LED strip light.

We provide DC24V addressable LED strips, 6 LEDs can be cut at 83mm, 10 meters separately powered, and 20 meters powered at both ends. You can customize the length, waterproof level, luminous color, and LED arrangement quantity of LED strips for your indoor and outdoor lighting projects; it can be used with Raspberrypi/Arduino UNO development board or Dream Color LED controller to achieve precise luminous color and mode control.

TM1834 is an updated version of TM1814 which has extra dual signals so it is more repliable than the TM1814 LED IC.  PWM rate is 1000Hz. 

TM1834 RGBW Programmable LED Strip

Addressable LED Strip controller application

TM1834 LED Strip Applications

TM1834 RGBW LED strips can be used in a variety of applications, including:

• Architectural lighting

• Home and commercial interior lighting

• Decorative lighting

• Stage and event lighting

• Signage and display lighting

• Nightclub Lighting

Retail Displays

Automotive Lighting

LED Strip Accessories

Cable Connectors