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TM1814 RGBW Addressable LED Strip

DC12V/24V 60LEDs/m Pixel LED Strip Light

TM1814 RGBW Series Addressable LED Strip Light

TM1814 LED strip light RGBW
Premium TM1814 RGBW LED Strip Lights
TM1814 RGBW LED Strip Lights IC controlled with SMT LEDs
High Brightness TM1814 LED Strip with RGBW Capability
4 in 1 TM1814 RGBW LED Strip RGBRGBW
Premium Quality TM1814 RGBW LED Tape
High Brightness TM1814 RGBW LED Flexible Strip
TM1814 RGBW LED Strip Lights 50M Coil

TM1814 Pixel LED Strip Lighting Display

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TM1814 VS SK6812, which one to choose?

Addressable LED strips have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their versatility and ability to create stunning lighting effects. The TM1814 and SK6812 are two addressable LED strip options that are commonly used in a variety of lighting applications. While they may appear similar, they have some key differences that should be considered before making a purchase.

Here is a comparison of the technical specifications of the TM1814 RGBW LED strip and the SK6812 RGBW LED strip:

SpecificationTM1814 RGBW LED StripSK6812 RGBW LED Strip
LED Density60 LEDs/meter60 LEDs/meter,144 LEDs/meter
VoltageDC12V, DC24VDC5V
Power Consumption19.2W/meter19.2W/meter, 43W/meter,
IC TypeExternal ICBuilt-in IC
Pixel Quantity20 pixels/meter, 10 pixels/meter60 pixels/meter, 144 pixels/meter
ColorRGB color mixing, plus whiteRGB color mixing, plus white
CuttableYes, every 3 or 6 LEDsYes, every LED

From the above table, we can see that the TM1814 and SK6812 are both SMD5050 RGBW LED, and they both have 60 LEDs/m versions. The key difference is the TM1814 strip has external IC, but the SK6812 strip has built-in IC, this makes the TM1814 LED strip doesn’t have an individual control function, it can be controlled can cut every 3 or 6 LEDs segment. And the voltage is also different, TM1814 have can be DC12V and DC24V, but the SK6812 LED strip can only be driven under DC5V power. From the perspective of the LED density, the TM1814 doesn’t have the 144LEDs/m version. 

In conclusion, if you don’t pursue individual control and need a wider voltage range, the TM1814 is a better choice, and it can help you to save costs. However, if you want a brighter lighting effect and require individual control, the 144LEDs/m SK6812 LED strip is your perfect choice. So the choice between the TM1814 and SK6812 LED strips will depend on the specific needs of your project.

Frequent Asked Questions

Q1. What is the difference between RGB and RGBW LED strips?

RGB LED strips only have red, green, and blue LEDs, while RGBW LED strips have an additional white LED. This extra LED allows for a wider range of colors and more precise control over the color temperature of the light.

Q2. How do I install the TM1814 RGBW LED strip?

The TM1814 RGBW LED strip comes with an adhesive backing that allows you to easily attach it to any surface. Simply peel off the backing and stick the strip in place. Make sure to properly connect the power supply and controller before turning it on.

Q3.Can I cut the TM1814 RGBW LED strip to fit my space?

Yes, the TM1814 RGBW LED strip can be cut to fit any size and shape. 12v 60leds per meter cut each 50mm length, 24v 60leds per meter cut each 100mm length.

Q4. How do I control the TM1814 RGBW LED strip?

You can use the Smart Mini Controllers to simply adjust the lighting effects, the mini controllers such as SP107E, SP110E, and SP611E have built-in programs, so you can change the lighting modes and speed but cannot program bu yourself. If need a customized lighting effect, you can choose the commonly used K-1000C or K-8000C controllers to program and design the unique lighting effects.