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CCT LED Strip Connector

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3-pin CCT LED strip connector is specially designed for CCT LED strip lights. 5mm, 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm solderless snap-on LED strip connectors are available. T shape connectors, L shape connectors, strip to strip connectors, and ribbon-wire ribbon connectors are available.

3 Pin Connector Without Wire For CCT LED Strip

3 Pin Ribbon to Wire Connector For CCT LED Strip

3 Pin Ribbon Wire Ribbon Connector For CCT LED Strip

3 Pin Ribbon to Ribbon Connector For CCT LED Strip

3 Pin Strip to DC Female Plug Connector For CCT LED Strip

3 Pin L Shape Ribbon Wire Ribbon Connector For CCT LED Strip

3 Pin L Shape Strip to Strip 90 Degree Connector For CCT LED Strip

3 Pin Tape to Tape T-Shape Connector For CCT LED Strip

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How to Connect LED Strip Connector?

How to Connect LED Strip Connector

Step 1: Open the stripped end of the connector and peel off the 3M paper on the back of the light strip.

Step 2: Insert the LED light strip into the solderless connector. The pins of the light strip need to be in accurate contact with the copper spikes of the connector.

Step 3: Gently push the plastic lock back to the locked position and close the lid tightly.

Important: Before pressing the connection, please check whether the positive and negative poles of the light strip are consistent with the other end

LED Strip Connector Troubleshooting

LED Strip Connector Troubleshooting

If you notice the light strip flickering or failing to light up, there may be a connection issue. You can check from the following aspects.

1. Make sure the teeth are pointing up through the strip and pressing the wire into the groove.

2. Don’t mix wires. Polarity is important, make sure positive to positive and negative to negative.

3. Make sure you use compatible light strips that match the size and voltage of our RGB COB LED strip connectors.

How to Buy Solderless Connectors for LED Strips?

There are many types of light strip connectors, and you should consider the following factors when purchasing:

1. Cob Strip Light Width
If the COB strip width is 5mm, the connector selected must be 5mm wide. If it is 8mm width, the fitting must be 8mm width. 8mm width connectors cannot be used with 5mm width LED strips.

Of course, the connectors of LED cob lighting are also divided into single-color and multi-color. The monochrome connector is 2PIN, the white color temperature adjustable light strip is 3PIN, the RGB COB light strip is 4PIN, the RGBW COB light strip is 5PIN, and the RGBWW COB light strip is 6PIN.

2. How to Install COB LED Light Strips
There are many different connection methods for connectors, such as I-type middle butt plug-in type, L-type 90-degree connector, T-type three-way connector, etc. First, determine where you need to install the connector and which method is required. With these connectors, LED light strips are easy to connect quickly, making your COB light strips usable in almost any situation.

Different connection methods of LED strip connector

3. What if the light strip does not have a matching seamless crystal joint?
Some customized COB LED strips or 3mm wide flexible light strips do not have matching connectors, what should I do? You can connect 2 light strips by welding and add a terminal connector to act as a bridge in the middle.
Remember: When connecting, connect the positive pole to the positive pole and the negative pole to the negative pole.