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WS2813 Digital LED Strip Light

Chinese Professional Addressable LED Lights Manufacturer & Supplier

WS2813 Addressable RGB LED Tape Lights

WS2813 Digital LED Strip Light DC5V
Digital LED Multi Color Flexible Strip
5v rgb ws2813 led strip light
Smart Color Changing LED Ribbon

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WS2813 vs SK6812 LED Strip Light

When it comes to choosing the right LED strip light for your project, there are many factors to consider. Two popular options are the WS2813 and SK6812 LED strip lights. Now, we will compare these two LED strip lights based on several parameters to help you make an informed decision.

Comparison Table: WS2813 VS SK6812

Parameter WS2813 SK6812
Communication Protocol Two Wire One Wire
Break Continue Feature Yes No
Control Basic Basic
Applications Beginner Projects  Beginner Projects
Price Affordable Affordable

Communication Protocol
The communication Protocol is one of the critical factors to consider when choosing an LED strip light. The WS2813 digital LED strip light uses dual data wires, while the SK6812 LED strip light uses a single-wire communication protocol. The dual wire protocol used by the WS2813 digital LED strip light makes it easier to control multiple LED strips with a single microcontroller or computer.

Break Continue Feature
The WS2813 digital LED strip light comes with a unique “break continue” feature that ensures that a single LED failure does not affect the entire strip’s performance. In contrast, the SK6812 LED strip light does not have this feature, meaning that a single LED failure can affect the whole strip’s performance.

The level of control offered by an LED strip light is an essential factor for advanced lighting projects. The WS2813 LED strip light provides basic control over the lighting effects, while the SK6812 LED strip light offers advanced control over the lighting effects, making it an ideal choice for advanced lighting projects.

Both the WS2813 and SK6812 LED strip lights are suitable for a wide range of applications, including home lighting, commercial lighting, entertainment lighting, and automotive lighting. 

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Since its founding in 2008, SuntechLite has concentrated on producing LED pixel lighting products. Prioritizing client satisfaction and product quality is something we always do. We work with OSRAM, CREE, and Epistar supply firms to collaborate on high-quality goods that satisfy industry requirements. We also monitor product quality from material suppliers.

After more than 10 years of growth, we have established ourselves as an organization that combines business and industry, offering a wide range of LED indoor pixel lighting products, including different types of LED strip lights, rigid LED bar and tube, stage lighting panel and column, etc. To keep up with the most recent technological breakthroughs and industry trends, we regularly update our products.

Our company has a group of competent engineers and technicians that can provide installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting advice as well as technical support to our customers. Additionally, we provide OEM and ODM services to fully meet your special application needs.

Since every member of our sales team has received training in LED lighting and control, they can all respond to your questions and take care of any problems or concerns that clients might be experiencing.

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