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UCS2904 Addressable LED Strip

Chinese professional and reliable LED strip lights manufacturer & supplier

UCS2904 RGBW Addressable LED Strip Light

Addressable RGBW LED Strip DMX512
UCS2904 Configurable LED Strip Lighting
UCS2904 Customizable LED Ribbon
UCS2904 Individually Addressable LED Strip
UCS2904 Dynamic LED Light Strip
UCS2904 Intelligent LED Tape
UCS2904 Smart LED Light Band
UCS2904 Pixel Controlled LED Ribbon

UCS2904 Addressable LED Strip Video

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Frequent Asked Questions

Q 1: What is the difference between RGB and RGBW LED strip lights?

What sets RGBW LED strip lights apart from RGB LED strip lights is the inclusion of a white LED component. This additional white LED allows for a wider range of color options and shades, including warm and cool white tones, and pastel colors.

Q 2: Can I cut UCS2904 RGBW LED strip lights to size?

Yes, UCS2904 RGBW LED strip lights can be cut to size. Usually 12v each 3leds can be cut, 24v each 6leds can be cut.

Q 3: Are UCS2904 RGBW LED strip lights dimmable?

Yes, UCS2904 RGBW LED strip lights are dimmable. They can be controlled using a compatible controller that allows for brightness adjustments.