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ItemVoltagePowerPixel QuantityLED QuantityCutting UnitBreak ContinuePCB Width
ST-DMX-5PIN-RGBW-60-12VDC12V19.2W/M20 pixels/m60LEDs/m50mmYes10mm
ST-DMX-5PIN-RGBW-60-24VDC24V19.2W/M10 pixels/m60LEDs/m100mmYes10mm

RGBW DMX 24V LED Strip>>

Item: ST-DMX-5PIN-RGBW-60-24
LED Qty: 60 
Voltage: DC24V
Cutting Unit: 100 mm

Power: 19.2 W/m 
Pixel Qty: 10 Pixels
Break Continue: Yes
PCB Width: 10mm

This DMX light strip has 10 ICs per meter, and 10 ICs per roll. One DMX512 IC controls 6 LED RGBW lights. 6 DMX lights as a loop (100mm cut length), easy to cut and connect! (10mm width 60LEDs/m type:10 pixels per meter,100mm/6-LED cuttable) It can use DMX512 controller, Artnet controller, Madrix console, or GPS signal control to realize the design of large-scale lighting, such as light shows, stage lighting, etc.

DMX RGBW LED Strip Pictures

DMX RGBW LED strip factory
DMX RGBW LED strip supplier
RGBW DMX 24V LED Strip 60leds
DMX RGBW LED strip customized

DMX RGBW LED Strip Dimension

10mm DMX512 5050RGBW 10pin IC 2
12mm DMX512 5050RGBW 10pin IC 1
12mm DMX512 5050RGBW 16pin IC 1
15mm DMX512 5050RGBW 16pin IC 1

Connect with Power Supply and Controller

DMX RGBW Connection Diagram 1

Connection Accessories