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WS2815 144 leds Addressable LED Strip

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Product Parameters

ItemVoltagePowerPixel QuantityLED QuantityCutting UnitBreak ContinuePCB Width
STB-TTL-4PIN-RGB-144-12VDC12V20.6W/M144 pixels/m144 LEDs/m6.9mmYes12mm

WS2815 144 LEDs Addressable LED Strip Lighting View

12V WS2815 144 LEDs Addressable LED Strip
WS2815 144 leds addressable yeollow
WS2815 144 leds addressable LED blue
WS2815 144 leds addressable RGB
WS2815 addressable LED strip sunlite
2815 144 leds addressable LED strip
WS2815 144 leds purple
WS2815 144 leds red

Specification Download

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WS2815 144leds 12mm Addressable RGB LED Strip Specification Download Icon

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WS2815 RGB LED Strip: The Perfect Choice for Customizable Lighting

Table of Contents

How much power does a WS2815 LED strip use?

The power consumption of a WS2815 LED strip can vary depending on several factors such as the length of the strip, the number of LEDs per meter, the brightness level, and the color being displayed.

Generally, the power consumption of WS2815 LED strips is calculated based on the power consumption per LED, which is typically around 0.14watts (12mA at 12V) when the LED is displaying white at full brightness.

For example, if you have a WS2815 SMD5050 LED strip with 144 LEDs per meter and each LED consumes 0.14 watts, then the power consumption of the entire strip at full brightness displaying white would be:

144 LEDs/meter x 0.14 watts/LED = 20.16 watts/meter

So if you have a 5-meter WS2815 LED strip with 60 LEDs per meter, the total power consumption at full brightness displaying white be:

5 meters x 20.16 watts/meter =100.8 watts

However, it’s important to note that the actual power consumption of your WS2815 LED strip may vary depending on the specific specifications of your strip, so it’s always best to check the manufacturer’s documentation for the most accurate information on power consumption. Additionally, if you plan to control the brightness and color of your WS2815 144 leds addressable LED strip, the power consumption will vary depending on the specific settings you use.

What is the voltage of the WS2815 LED strip?

The WS2815 is a type of addressable LED, the voltage of a WS2815 LED strip light can vary depending on the specific model or variant, but most WS2815 LED strip lights operate on a voltage on 12V DC.

It’s important to note that WS2815 LED strip lights should be powered by a stable and reliable power supply with enough current capacity to power the entire strip. The voltage should also be consistent along the entire length of the strip to ensure that all the LEDs are the correct colors. Additionally, it’s recommended to connect the power supply directly to the beginning and end of the strip to avoid voltage drop and ensure even illumination.

Advantages of WS2815 144 leds addressable LED strip

The WS2815 144LEDs/m RGB LED strip has several advantages that make it a popular choice for a wide range of applications. Some of these advantages include:

High density

With 144 LEDs per meter, the WS2815 LED strip has a high LED density, which allows for more uniform and continuous lighting. This makes it ideal for applications where high brightness and detailed lighting effects are required, such as stage lighting, nightclub lighting, party decoration, entertainment lighting, and architectural lighting.

Individually Addressable

The WS2815 is a built-in IC, which means that each LED on the WS2815 144 leds addressable LED strip is individually addressable. So that each LED can be controlled separately using a microcontroller or other compatible device. This allows for precise control over the color, brightness, and animation of each LED, making it perfect for creating high quality dynamic lighting effects.

Break Continue

The WS2815 IC has a dual-data signal transmission design. So if one LED on the strip is damaged, the other LEDs can still work normally. This brings more convenience and flexibility for users.

Robust Design

The WS2815 LED strip has a robust design, with built-in protection against reverse polarity, over-voltage, and over-heating, ensuring safe and reliable operation.

Easy installation

The WS2815 144LEDs/m RGB LED strip is easy to install, with a simple plug-and-play design that requires minimal wiring and setup. The strip can be cut to length as needed, and can be easily mounted using adhesive backing or other mounting hardware.


One of the unique features of WS2815 is that it has a backup data line, which means that if one LED fails, the rest of the strip can still function properly. This feature is not found in other types of addressable LED strips like WS2812B or WS2813. In general,  the WS2815 144 leds addressable LED strips are popular for their high density of LEDs and reliability, making them suitable for a wide range of applications, including stage lighting, home decor, and visual arts projects.