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270 Degree Small Neon 13mm

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ModelColorBeam AngleNeon Tube SizeVoltageWorking Temperature
STNE-270D-13RRGB/White270 degreesΦ13mmDC12V/24V-20℃~70℃

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270 Degrees LED Neon Flex Lighting Display

13mm 270 Degree Mini Neon Flex Light
13mm Flexible 270° Neon Lighting Solution
13mm Micro Neon Light with 270 Degree Curve
13mm Small Neon Light 270 Degree Bend
Miniature 270 Degree 13mm Neon LED Rope
Compact 270 Degree Bendable Neon 13mm
Small 270° Neon Flex 13mm LED Strip
Mini 270 Degree Neon Tube 13mm

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13mm RGB Round LED Neon Light Features

Product Detailes

270 degree small neon 13mm

270 Degrees Small LED Neon Light

270 degree small neon 13mm size
PCBWidth: 5 MM
Size: φ13mm
270 degree small neon 13mm light degree

          Cuttingmark: Yes


round led neon accessories


first step

First: Prepare the screws and mounting clips

second step

Second: Adjust the fixed clips to the appropriate place, and use a screwdriver to fix the screw.

third step

Third: Put the light-emitting surface upwards, then insert the LED strip into the fixed clips.

forth step

Fourth: Fix the neon strip completely into the fixed clip.

13mm Small Round LED Neon Strip Applications

LED neon applications

Nightclubs and bars: Create a vibrant atmosphere in nightclubs and bars.


Movie theaters: An immersive atmosphere in movie theaters.


Amusement parks: Suitable for use in outdoor settings.


Concerts and festivals: Customization of color and effects.


Retail stores: Easy to install in tight spaces.