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Addressable Zigzag White LED Strip 84leds

Chinese Pixel LED Strip Light Manufacturer & Supplier

ItemVoltagePowerPixel QuantityLED QuantityCutting UnitBreak ContinuePCB Width
STS-TTL-3PIN-W-84-12VDC12V12W/M84 pixels/m84 LEDs/m35.7mmYes6mm

84leds Addressable Zigzag White LED Strip Light

Addressable Zigzag White LED Strip for Custom Lighting
The Power of Addressable Zigzag White LED Strips
Zigzag White LED Strip for signage lighting
6000K Zigzag White LED Strip to Create Unique lighting effects

Product Feature

WS2815 led strip has 4 wires for sending data – one V+ pin, one GND pin, and two data pins. Dual-signal wires version, signal breakpoint continuous transmission. If one LED is damaged, it will not affect the other LEDs working, unless two continuous LEDs are damaged.  WS2815 84leds white addressable LED strip is individually addressable. Every 1 WS2815 IC control 1 LED, every LED can be shown any color you want. The ultra-slim 6mm width PCB is perfect for installations where space is limited, its unique zigzag bendable feature makes it an invaluable tool for sign makers, enabling intricate shapes and letters with ease.  Each 3 leds could be cut namely each 36mm could be cut, easy for DIY job , further more, It can smoothly bend along the curves and fit the contours to achieve a perfect lighting effect. 

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