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Constant Current COB LED Strip

As you know there is SMD constant current LED strip which could run the strip longer length same brightness head and tail part of whole LED strip, so save cost while in stallation no need power frequently inject.  

For COB LED strip , we also launch this constant current COB one, you may check information below.

PCB Width: 10mm
LED Density: 360LEDs/m
Power: 10W/m

Voltage: 24V 
Color: 1800K / 2700K / 3000K/ 4000K/ 5000K/ 6000K
Waterproof Grade: Weatherproof

Regular COB LED strip is running 5 meters then will has brightness drop, if you need loner distance such as 15 meters same brightness as the head part of the strip then you shall select the constant current COB LED strip which needs less power supply inject in middle part of the strip while in installation so can save a lot of labor cost.

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