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SK6813 LED Strip

Types of SK6813 LED Strip

DC5V 60LEDs SK6813 RGB Strip>>

SK6813 RGB LED Strip Features

SK6813 LED Strip Accessories

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FAQs About SK6813 LED Strip

1. What is the difference between SK6813 and other addressable LED strips, such as WS2812B?

SK6813 has two types one is DC5v namely SK6813E, the other is DC12v namely SK6813H. SK6813E similar as WS2813 which has dual signal and DC5v input. SK6813H similar as WS2815 which is DC12v input with backup signal function. WS2812B is only DC5v without backup signal.

2. Can I use an SK6813 RGB LED strip with Arduino or Raspberry Pi?

Yes, SK6813 RGB LED strips are compatible with various microcontrollers, including Arduino and Raspberry Pi. You will need the appropriate libraries and code to control the strip.

3. Are SK6813 LED strips waterproof?

SK6813 LED strips can be waterproof or non-waterproof, depending on their IP rating. Waterproof strips IP65, IP67, IP68 are suitable for outdoor installations or areas with moisture, while non-waterproof strips are intended for indoor use only.

4. Can I cut and reconnect SK6813 LED tape light?

Yes, you can cut the SK6813 LED tape is individually controlled and each LED could be cut, if 60leds/m SK6813 LED strip , will be 16.6mm cuttable.

5. How do I power an SK6813 LED strip?

SK6813 LED strips can be powered using a compatible power supply with the appropriate voltage (5V or 12V). The power supply should have sufficient capacity to handle the total power consumption of the strip.

Why Choose SunTechLite

Located in Shenzhen, SunTechLite is one of the leading LED strip manufacturers in China. After 15 years of development, we have developed into a company integrating production and trade, and have won the trust and support of customers from all over the world with high-quality products and high-quality services.

SunTechLite uses high-quality materials and components to produce LED strips, ensuring our products are durable and reliable, and can be subject to harsh environments. And we test all products before shipping goods out to ensure that all LED strips are safe and reliable and meet standards and specifications.

We have a specialized engineering team to offer technical support and assistance with the installation and programming of the LED strips. And you can feel free to contact us if any questions in the using process.

All the LED strip lights provided at least 3 years warranty, and 5 years warranty is available.