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K1000C Pixel LED Controller

A Versatile Solution for Your LED Display Needs

  •  SD card offline controller
  •  1-port output 2048 pixels max
  •  Add more IC chips + DMX512 chips
  • Comes with DMX512 chips write address code function
  • Support our all led digital strips, led pixel lights,etc

How to Connect K-1000C LED Controller

  • No SD card mode: 22 kinds of pre-programmed lighting effect.

no sd card mode k1000c led controller connect

  • Insert SD card mode: Copy the program file from PC to the SD card.

sd card mode k1000c led controller connect

Applications of the K1000C Controller

K1000C led controller applicaion

Advertising and Signage

The K1000C is an ideal choice for creating captivating and dynamic advertising displays and signage. Its customizable effects and wide compatibility make it perfect for businesses looking to stand out from the competition.

Architectural Lighting

With its advanced features and capabilities, the K1000C is well-suited for architectural lighting projects. From accentuating building features to creating stunning light shows, this controller can bring any architectural vision to life.

Event and Stage Lighting

The K1000C is a popular choice for event and stage lighting, enabling lighting designers to create mesmerizing light shows that captivate audiences. Its versatile control options and compatibility with various LED products make it a reliable choice for any event or performance.

Home and Commercial Decoration

The K1000C can also be used for home and commercial decoration projects, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to any space. Its ease of use and customizable options make it perfect for creating unique lighting installations for both personal and professional use.