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BC 870

BC-970 PWM Wireless Power Repeater

Product Code: BC-970

1. Adapt to constant voltage, constant-current PWM signal, identifies the frequency range up to 300Hz-30KHz.
2. Adopts 2.4 G global open ISM frequency, license free, high efficient GFSK modulation.
3. One emitter configurate several receivers, as long as the receiver and emitter set the same frequency.
4. 126 channels selectable, it can be used in 126 groups wireless network individually without interference in the same place.
5. There are 4 levels of the transmitted power. At the max transmitted power(20dBm), Visual communication distance is upto 350 meters.
6. It has a self-test mode for the situation when the wireless link quality test or engineering installation debugging is needed.
7. If further distance is needed, it can be used as relay Setting, relay once or many times in order to achieve the required distance.
8. 3000V optical isolation.

Technical Specifications