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SK6812 WWA LED Strip

Professional Addressable LED Strip Light Manufacturer

Product Parameter

ItemVoltagePowerPixel QtyLED QtyCutting UnitBreak ContinuePCB Width
STB-3PIN-WWA-60-5DC5V12 W/m60 Pixels6016.6 mmNo10 mm

SK6812 WWA LED Strip Lighting

SK6812 WWA LED strip 60leds
SK6812 WWA LED strip display effect
SK6812 WWA LED strip 10mm
SK6812 WWA LED strip product supplier

Product Feature

SK6812 IC is similar to WS2812B , however, unlike WS2812B which only supports RGB, SK6812 support RGB, RGBW and WWA all , the frequency is 1200Hz faster than WS2812B which is only 400Hz as well, so SK6812 has a lot advantages.

The SK6812 WWA LED strip display color temperatures from 1800K very dim amber light to warm light to 6500K cool daylight light. Each 5050 WWA (Warm white +White + Amber) LED is controlled independently, so it can be its own color temperature and brightness.

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