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White Chasing LED Strip WS2818

Professional Addressable LED Strip Light Manufacturer

Product Parameter

ItemVoltagePowerPixel QtyLED QtyCutting UnitBreak ContinuePCB Width
ST-WS2818-4PIN-W-60-12DC12V14.4 W/m20 Pixels6050 mmYes10 mm

WS2818 White Chasing LED Strip Light

White chasing led strip WS2818 adressable
White chasing led strip WS2818 product
White chasing led strip WS2818 12V 1
White chasing led strip WS2818 digital

Product Feature

White addressable LED strip with WS2818 IC which is compatible with Arduino controller very well, with WS2818 worldsemi protocol, easy to program.

A 12V 5m long white led pixel strip with dual data signal (4 pin wires,12V+, DI, DO, GND), 60 SMD5050 LEDs per meter. WS2818 can be regarded as the upgraded version of single signal WS2811 and SM16703, similar to FW1935 . If one of the LEDs on the  5 meters strip is damaged, the spare signal wire will continue to work properly, adding security to your addressable lighting project.

This 5m digital white led strip light has no voltage drop, 5 meters running length requires only one end for power injection. Both RGB static and dynamic colors perform well with no color difference. Great for large long-distance lighting projects.

One WS2818 IC controls 3 LEDs, one IC control area per 50mm. 20 pixels per meter, 100 per roll. 10mm PCB width makes this 10m addressable led strip suitable for various neon tubing.

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