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BC 853

BC-853-48V 6CH x 3A 12v ~ 48v Constant Voltage DMX512 Decoder

Product Code: BC-853-48V

1. Automatically adapts input voltage DC12V-48V.

2. Input standard DMX512 signal; 3-digital-display shows DMX address.

3. 3 channels output; 4096 grey scales each channel; logarithmic dimming; lamplight soft & stable without strobe flash.

4. Support master mode or slave mode.

5. 8 color changing modes and 10 speed scales in master mode.

6. Indicator of the DMX512 signal receiving status.

7. Power loss memory function.

8. Over current protection and short circuit protection. DMX signal lines are wrong protection.

9 . Multiple DMX512 signal interface.

Technical Specifications