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BC 380 CC

BC-380-CC Constant Current LED RGB Controller With Remoter

Product Code: BC-380-CC

1. Automatically output an accurate voltage as per the LED quantity at each channel from 12V-48V.

2. With 21 buttons IR wireless remote control, reliable control distance can reach as far as 10m.

3. Several DIY Storage Buttons, to record your favorite effect.

4. 0-100% dimming and 16 levels of static brightness per RGB;Can mix 4096 colors.

5. 4096 Grey steps per RGB, color-smooth effect is gentle and accurate.

6. Can choose changing speed separately and adjust the brightness of each mode.

7. Can stop at current color and color brightness by selecting PAUSE function.

8. Working with our power repeater to connect more LEDs.

9. Power loss memory function.

Technical Specifications