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Addressable LED Neon Light

What Is Addressable LED Neon Light

Addressable LED neon lights combine the aesthetics of traditional neon lights with the versatility and control of addressable LED lighting. Unlike traditional neon lights that use glass tubes filled with gas and bent into specific shapes, addressable LED neon lights utilize flexible strips or ropes embedded with digital LED strip lights.

Types of LED Neon Lights

According to different shapes and uses, we divide the addressable LED neon lights into four types: side emitting neon, direct lighting neon, round neon, and black neon.

Side Emitting LED Neon Light

Direct Lighting Neon

Round LED Neon

Black LED Neon Light

SPI LED Neon vs DMX LED Neon

Item SPI LED Neon DMX LED Neon
Transmission Protocol SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) DMX (Digital Multiplex)
Install Wiring Difficulty Relatively easy Requires DMX controller and complex wiring
Control Method Easy Control More complex control
Stability Less stable, single data wire transmission More stable, data A and data B transmission
Cost Lower cost Higher cost
Application Home decoration, shop lighting, and other small lighting projects Stage lighting, building lighting, and other large lighting projects

Why Choose SuntechLite Addressable LED Neon Lights

Located in Shenzhen, SuntechLite is one of the leading addressable LED neon lights manufacturers in China. After 15 years of development, we have developed into a company integrating production and trade, and have won the trust and support of customers from all over the world with high-quality products and high-quality services.

Our addressable LED neon lights have the following advantages:

Neon Silicone Colors: Compared with the neon light in the market, our neon silicone is not easily turn yellow.

Light strip anti-break piece: Our neon lights are equipped with anti-fragmentation pieces, which are used to fix the light strip to prevent the light strip from breaking at the 0.5m welding point.

Glue Processing: Apply glue to the inside of the plug first, then apply a circle of glue to the outside of the neon light port, and finally insert the plug into the neon light. In this way, the neon lights have a good waterproof effect and are not easy to enter the water.

For more details, please click LED neon light advantages to download the PDF file.

Addressable LED Neon Light Application

  • Signage and Advertising: Addressable LED neon lights can be used to create eye-catching and attention-grabbing signs, billboards, and displays with vivid colors and animated effects.
  • Entertainment and Events: They can be synchronized with music or other visual effects to create immersive lighting experiences
  • Outdoor Decor and Events: LED neon light strips are weather-resistant and can be used for outdoor decorations, such as holiday lighting, garden and landscape lighting, and outdoor events.
  • Art and Creative Installations: LED Neon Light strips provide artists and designers with a versatile medium for creating illuminated artworks, sculptures, and installations. 
DMX LED Neon Light application

FAQs about addressable LED neon light strips

LED neon uses LED technology to create the neon effect, while traditional neon lights use electrified, colored glass tubes filled with neon gas. LED neon is more flexible, energy-efficient, and durable compared to traditional neon lights.

RGB LED lights refer to lights that can emit red, green, and blue colors separately, allowing for other colors by combining these primary colors, but one strip can only light in one color. On the other hand, addressable LED lights allow for more complex and dynamic lighting effects.

When choosing between DMX512 and SPI addressable LED neon, it depends on your specific needs. DMX512 is a widely used lighting control protocol, which can synchronize and control multiple lights at the same time, suitable for high-demand dynamic lighting. SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) is a communication protocol commonly used for addressable LED strips and for more general pixel lighting.

With the silicon tubes, addressable LED neon light strips are usually IP65. Through the use of protective coatings or casings, or quality silicon to achieve waterproofing, the LED neon lights can be IP67 and IP68.