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FW1935 LED Strip With Continuity

Pictures of FW1935 LED Strip with Continuity

FW1935 LED strip with continuity supplier
FW1935 LED strip with continuity China
FW1935 LED strip
FW1935 with continuity

Suntech LED Strip Advantages

With 15 years of production and development experience, we always put product quality first place. All the components we used are high quality, including IC, Epistar LED, copper wiring, and durable silicone coating. Every LED strip light passed stringent testing to ensure quality control. And we have a rich and professional LED lighting engineer team to support any technical problems. 

If the current products cannot meet your application, we have a customization service including custom lengths, connectors and programming to provide you with the perfect products.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between FW1935 and other LED strips?

The FW1935 LED strip features RGB LEDs with external ICs with backup dual signal cables.  While WS2811, SM16703, WS2812 has no dual signa cables design.

2. Can I cut FW1935 LED strip to a custom length?

Yes, the FW1935 LED strip can be cut to a custom length using scissors or a sharp knife. 60leds per meter 3leds 50mm each cut at DC12v,  6leds 100m each cut at DC24v.

4. How many LEDs can I connect to a single FW1935 LED strip?

The number of LEDs you can connect to a single FW1935 LED strip depends on the wattage of your power supply. 

5. How to troubleshoot FW1935 LED strip with continuity?

If you’re having issues with your FW1935 LED strip, try checking the wiring, power supply, controller settings, and individual LEDs for damage. You can also try installing a heat sink or fan to help dissipate any heat generated by the LED strip. If you’re still having issues, consult with a professional or contact the manufacturer for assistance