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Addressable Zigzag RGB LED Strip 84leds

Chinese Pixel LED Strip Light Manufacturer & Supplier

ItemVoltagePowerPixel QuantityLED QuantityCutting UnitBreak ContinuePCB Width
STS-TTL-3PIN-RGB-84-12VDC12V12W/M84 pixels/m84 LEDs/m35.7mmYes6mm

Addressable Bendable Zigzag RGB LED Strip

Innovative Zigzag Design Meets RGB Lighting
Breaking the Mold with Bendable RGB LED Strip Lights
Revolutionize Your Lighting with Bendable RGB LED Strip Lights
Zigzag RGB LED Strip Achieve Flexible Lighting Designs

Product Feature

WS2815 LED strip is loved by most customers because of its breakpoint resume characteristics and high cost performance; as an upgraded version of WS2813 which is DC5v, WS2815 supports DC12V low voltage input, single LED cuttable, individually addressable, can reduce the working current of pixels, 5-7m no voltage drop.

This S type LED strip is designed for sign makers to make vivid colorful channel letters, with bendable PCB it is easy to install inside the signage to make RGB visual impact.

 Additionally, the strip is backed with 3M tape, ensuring a fixed installation on various surfaces. Ideal for dynamic lighting displays, architectural accents, and custom signage, this LED strip combines efficiency, versatility, and ease of use.

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