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RGB Neon Light 6x12mm

Chinese Manufacturer & Supplier Focus on LED Neon Light


ModelColorLighting DirectionNeon Tube SizeVoltageWorking Temperature
STNE-EG-6x12MMRGB/WhiteEdge Lighting6x12mmDC12V/24V-20℃~70℃

6x12mm RGB Neon LED Strip Light

6x12mm Tri Color LED Neon Light System
6x12mm Color Changing Neon LED Illumination
High Quality 6x12mm RGB Neon Light
Professional 6x12mm RGB Neon Light Display

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RGB LED Neon Light Strip Features

Product Details

RGB neon light 6x12mm Size display

LED Neon Light side glow 6×12mm

RGB neon light 6x12mm size

PCBWidth: 8mm    Size: 6×12MM

RGB neon light 6x12mm light direction


Choose Professional and Experienced Manufacturer

SuntechLite was founded in 2008, focusing on pixel LED lighting fixtures production for 15 years. The digital LED neon flex strip is one of our main products and the DMX LED neon light is popular for dynamic lighting projects. And there are many kinds of neon lights with different size and install modes. Here are some of our advantages:

Quality control: Our factory is ISO9001 certified, and we set a strict quality control process throughout the production process, from material purchase, and production inspections to final inspections before products leave the factory.

Customize service: SuntechLite provided a wide range of customization services for different products. We can customize from the length and width, LED quantity, color, and control mode to outlook.

Technical support: We have a professional team of LED lighting engineers who can solve any of your installation and maintenance problems.

Fast response: Our service staff will reply to you within 12 hours after receiving your inquiry, and they will give you professional suggestions.

Applications of the 6×12mm RGB Neon Light

Bar and Restaurant Lighting: The mini side glow neon light is perfect for use in bars and restaurants.

Event Lighting: Customizable lighting effects for weddings, parties, or corporate events, just need an LED neon lighting project.

Accent Lighting: Highlight architectural features, artwork, or interior decor.

Outdoor Signage: The side glow RGB neon light is a popular choice for outdoor signage.

Attractions Lighting: The neon light is perfect for use in theme parks and attractions.

Signage Lighting: The neon light is a popular choice for signage.

RGB neon light 6x12mm application


Endcap connector with hole

Endcap connector with hole

Endcap connector without hole

Endcap connector without hole

Mounting clip

Mounting clip (length: 2cm)

Mounting channel (length: 0.5m, 1m, 1.5m)


first step

First: Prepare the screws and mounting clips

second step

Second, adjust the fixed clips to the appropriate place, and use a screwdriver to fix the screw.

third step

Third, put the light-emitting surface upwards, then insert the LED strip into the fixed clips.

forth step

Last, fix the neon strip completely into the fixed clip.