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CCT 72leds Pixel LED Strip WS2818

Professional Addressable LED Strip Light Manufacturer

Product Parameter

ItemVoltagePowerPixel QtyLED QtyCutting UnitBreak ContinuePCB Width
ST-WS2818-4PIN-CCT-72-12DC12V17.2 W/m24 Pixels7241.6 mmYes8 mm

WS2818 CCT 72leds Pixel LED Strip Light

CCT pixel LED strip WS2818
CCT 72leds pixel WS2818
CCT 72leds pixel LED strip WS2818 product
CCT 72leds LED strip WS2818

Product Feature

CCT 72leds Pixel LED Strip WS2818 offers customizable color temperature like 2700k, 4000k and 6000k in one LED chip. With precise pixel-level control for dynamic lighting scenarios. The WS2818 chip ensures superior performance, making it an ideal choice for projects requiring adjustable color temperatures with pixel-perfect accuracy.

CCT=WWA = White + Warm White + Amber. WWA means that this led strip lighting is a white light color, and each LED is a 3in1 CCT LED with 3 color temperatures, soft white 3000K light , 4000k natural white and 6000K pure white light are in one SMD LED. Addressable WWA led strip can control the LED light change through ICs, display dynamic white light effects. 

The WS2818 LED strip is addressable light, breakpoint- continue, and can be programmed and controlled by the help of controller. 2. Dual signal line version and signal breakpoint continuous transmission. If a LED damage, the work of other LEDs will not be affected.

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