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SP201E Decoder Dimension

SP201E DMX512 Decoder

Professional LED Pixel Lights and Controllers Supplier

SP201E DMX512 Decoder Details

SP201E Decoder Dimension
SP201E decoder port
SP201E with 99 kinds of effects

Specification download

SP201E DMX512 Decoder Specificationdownload icon png

Functions Of Each Port

INDMX+DMX512 input signal +
DMX –DMX512 input signal –
OUTDMX++ pole of DMX512 signal cascade to the next decoder
DMX –– pole of DMX512 signal cascade to the next decoder
Digital tubeDisplay “P—01”Indicates that selected to mode 1, and so forth
Display ”S–05”Indicates that selected to speed 5, and so forth
Display ”C–01”Indicates that the channel is selected to channel 01, then will decode the DMX512 signal from channel 1 (channel 1 included).
Buttons**See Key operation instructions above***
CLKAddressable Pixel LED clock signal output
DATAAddressable Pixel LED data signal output
CH1-CH55 Controllable Channels of PWM signal output

Recommended Wiring Diagram

sp210e wiring diagram