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Pixel Neon Light 8x16mm

Chinese Manufacturer & Supplier Focus on LED Neon Light


ModelColorLighting DirectionNeon Tube SizeVoltageWorking Temperature
STNE-EG-8x16MMRGB/WhiteEdge Lighting8x16mmDC12V/24V-20℃~70℃

If you are looking for an LED neon with DMX control, please click DMX LED Neon Flex.

8x16mm Side Emit Pixel Neon Light

Mini Pixel Strip Neon Light
8mm Pitch Pixel Tape Light
RGB Pixel Node Light Bar
Multi color Pixel Flex Tube Light
8x16 Dot Matrix Pixel Light
Programmable Pixel Panel Light
SMD Pixel Module Ribbon Light
Ultra thin Pixel Neon Flex Light

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Pixel LED Neon Strip Light Features

Product Details

Pixel neon light

LED Neon Light side emit 8×16mm

Pixel neon light 8x16mm size

PCBWidth: 8mm/10mm    Size: 8×16MM

Pixel neon light 8x16mm size light


Pixel LED Neon Strip Application

Signage and Branding: 8x16mm pixel neon light can be shaped to logos, letters, and symbols.

Stage and Event Lighting: Pixel neon light is designs for concerts, festivals, and other live events.

Holiday and Seasonal Decorations: Pixel LED neon light 8x16mm is decorated for Christmas, Halloween, and Valentine’s Day.

Retail Displays: Draw customers in and highlight products and services.

Theatrical Lighting: Dramatic lighting designs for theatrical performances controlled by LED controllers.

Stair Lighting: Offer a modern look to staircases.

Pixel neon light 8x16mm application

Choose a reputable and experienced manufacturer

SuntechLite was established in 2008 and has spent the last 15 years producing pixel LED lighting fixtures. One of our primary products is the RGB LED neon flex strip, and we offer a wide variety of neon lights. Here are a few of our benefits:

Quality control: Our factory has ISO 9001 certification, and we follow strict quality control procedures at every stage of production, from the acquisition of raw materials to production inspections and final inspections before goods are shipped out of the facility.

Customization services: SuntechLite offered a variety of customization options for various products. From the length and width, LED quantity, color, and control mode to outlook, we can personalize.

Technical support: Our staff of skilled LED lighting specialists can handle any installation or maintenance issues you may have.

Rapid response: After receiving your request, our customer support team will get back to you within 12 hours with a response and competent advice.


Endcap connector with hole

Endcap connector with hole

Endcap connector without hole

Endcap connector without hole

Mounting clip

Mounting clip (length: 2cm)
Mounting channel (length: 0.5m, 1m, 1.5m)


first step

First: Prepare the screws and mounting clips

second step

Second, adjust the fixed clips to the appropriate place, and use a screwdriver to fix the screw.

third step

Third, put the light-emitting surface upwards, then insert the LED strip into the fixed clips.

forth step

Fourth, fix the neon strip completely into the fixed clip.