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LED Console Controller

Pixel Addressable LED Lights Console Controller for Stage & Club

What is a LED Console Controller?

An LED console controller is an innovative device designed to manage and control LED lighting systems effectively. As a proficient tool in the realm of lighting control, it is instrumental in achieving precise lighting effects, energy conservation, and enhancing the overall ambiance in various spaces, ranging from residential areas to commercial venues.

One standout aspect of LED console controllers is their versatility. They cater to a wide range of applications, including live events, architectural lighting, and interior design. Additionally, these controllers often come with built-in libraries of pre-programmed effects, simplifying the process of achieving professional-quality lighting displays.

1. 32–65536 Gray level, support software Gamma correction.

2. Support the rules and special-shaped handle.

3. Eight–port output, every port can support 512-1024 pixels (DMX light Max 512 pixels).

4. Store a maximum of 16 programs, and copy multiple files to the SD card in order, after formatting the SD card as “FAT or FAT32” format, the SD card capacity is 128MB~32GB.

5. It can play single, also can be multiple controllers used in combination, and play back content stored in the SD card. If need a combination, the rule should be followed as follows: The max distance between the two K-8000Ls is 150 meters, it will be need used the 0.5m² fine copper line.

6. Enhance TTL and 485 (DMX) signal output.

7. The controllers have 16 programs in advance( chip1903).

1. The S-8000L controller can control 32-65536-level grayscale, and process it with the software Gamma correction.

2. The S-8000L controller supports various point, line, and area light sources, and supports various rules and special-shaped processing.

3. The S-8000L controller has 8 port outputs, each port can carry a maximum of 512/1024 lamps (DMX lights have a maximum of 512 pixels), and enhance TTL and 485 differential (DMX) signal output.

4. The content played by the S-8000L controller can be stored on the SD card, and the SD card can store up to 32 effects.

5. The S-8000L controller supports 32 SD effects (only supports three-channel effects) and supports a variety of lighting control chips to work.

LED Console Controllers: Mastering the Art of Pixel Lighting with S-8000L

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LED pixel lighting has revolutionized the lighting industry, providing unparalleled control, customization, and dazzling visual effects. At the heart of these systems are LED console controllers, which act as the brains behind these impressive displays. This article will focus on the evolution of LED console controllers, specifically the K-8000L and its upgraded replacement, the S-8000L. We’ll explore their features, benefits, applications, and much more. So, let’s dive in!

History of LED Console Controllers

LED console controllers have come a long way since their inception. Two noteworthy models in this field are the K-8000L and the S-8000L.

  • K-8000L

The K-8000L was a popular LED console controller that offered great functionality and performance. However, it had some limitations, and as technology advanced, the need for a more powerful and versatile controller became apparent. Thus, the K-8000L was discontinued.

  • S-8000L

The S-8000L is the upgraded version of the K-8000L, designed to address its predecessor’s limitations and offer users an even better experience. It boasts an array of impressive features and capabilities, making it a top choice for LED console control.

Features of S-8000L

The S-8000L is packed with features that make it a powerful and versatile LED console controller.

  • User Interface

The S-8000L offers an intuitive user interface, making it easy for users to navigate menus, adjust settings, and control their LED pixel lighting systems.

  • Connectivity

Featuring multiple connectivity options, the S-8000L can be connected to a variety of devices, including computers, smartphones, and tablets, allowing for seamless control and monitoring.

  • Compatibility

The S-8000L is compatible with a wide range of LED pixel lighting products, making it suitable for various applications and setups.

Advantages of Upgrading to S-8000L

Upgrading to the S-8000L from the K-8000L offers several benefits, including:

  1. Enhanced performance and capabilities
  2. Improved user experience
  3. Greater compatibility with newer LED pixel lighting products
  4. Better connectivity options
  5. Ongoing support and updates

Applications of LED Console Controllers

LED console controllers like the S-8000L are used in a variety of settings, including:

  1. Stage and event lighting
  2. Architectural lighting
  3. Digital signage
  4. Retail displays
  5. Interactive installations


The S-8000L LED console controller is a powerful and versatile solution for controlling LED pixel lighting systems. With its impressive features, user-friendly interface, and compatibility with a wide range of LED products, it’s a fantastic choice for both professionals and enthusiasts. If you’re looking to upgrade from the K-8000L or invest in a new LED console controller, the S-8000L is worth considering. Happy lighting!


  1. What is the main difference between the K-8000L and S-8000L LED console controllers?
    The main difference between the K-8000L and S-8000L is that the S-8000L is an upgraded version of the K-8000L, offering improved performance, better compatibility with newer LED products, and enhanced connectivity options. The K-8000L is no longer in production.

  2. Is the S-8000L suitable for large-scale installations?
    Yes, the S-8000L is suitable for large-scale installations, thanks to its powerful capabilities and compatibility with a wide range of LED pixel lighting products. The controller can handle complex lighting setups and deliver impressive visual effects.

  3. What kind of support is available for the S-8000L?
    The manufacturer of the S-8000L typically provides documentation, tutorials, and customer support to help users with installation, setup, programming, and troubleshooting. Additionally, online forums and communities can be valuable resources for advice and assistance.