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DMX LED Neon Light

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Comparison Table: SPI LED Neon Flex vs DMX LED Neon Flex

FeatureSPI LED Neon FlexDMX LED Neon Flex
Control MethodSPI (Serial Peripheral Interface), Serial transmissionDMX (Digital Multiplex), Parallel transmission
Individual ControlEach LED pixel or section can be controlled independentlyGroups of LED neon lights are controlled simultaneously
FlexibilityHigh flexibility and precisionSuitable for synchronized lighting effects
InstallationSimpler daisy-chained wiringMore complex wiring and setup
Pixel-Level ControlYesYes
ComplexityLower complexity due to no need to set addressesHigher complexity for setting address before controlling
ApplicationsCreative lighting, advertising displays, art installations, visual effectsArchitectural lighting, stage and event lighting, retail displays, entertainment venues

It’s important to note that the choice between SPI LED neon and DMX LED neon depends on the specific requirements of your project. The complexity of the design, level of control needed, and the size of the installation are factors to consider when selecting the appropriate control protocol for your LED neon lighting.

Controller for DMX LED Neon Flex

What Is DMX LED Neon Light?

DMX LED neon light is a kind of addressable LED neon light that allows for precise, programmable control of lighting states. It is a modern alternative to traditional neon lights. The DMX LED neon lihgts offer more vibrant, luminous glow and with less energy consumption and longer lifespan.

What Advantage Does DMX Neon LED Strip Have?

  1. Flexible: DMX LED neon lights are flexible and can be easily bent or shaped to fit various designs and applications.
  2. Multiple Color: DMX LED neon lights offer a wide range of color options, allowing for more creativity and customization.
  3. Precise Control: DMX LED neon lights provide precise control over individual lights or groups of lights, this allows for sophisticated lighting effects, dimming, color mixing, and synchronization with audiovisual systems.
  4. Safer: LED neon lights operate at low voltages, making them safer to handle and install. Unlike traditional neon lights, LED neon lights do not pose a risk of breakage or the release of harmful gases.
  5. Durable: LED neon lights are more durable and long-lasting than traditional neon lights.

Applications of DMX LED Neon Flex

  • Indoor Application

From clubs and restaurants to art installations and interior design, DMX LED neon lights can transform any indoor space into a vibrant, dynamic environment.

  • Outdoor Application

DMX LED neon lights are perfect for outdoor settings too. They can be used to illuminate signage, landscape features, building facades, and more.

DMX LED Neon Light application

Why Choose SunLite DMX LED Neon Lights

Located in Shenzhen, SuntechLite is one of the leading addressable LED neon lights manufacturers in China. After 15 years of development, we have developed into a company integrating production and trade, and have won the trust and support of customers from all over the world with high-quality products and high-quality services.

Our DMX LED neon lights have the following advantages:

Neon Silicone Colors: Compared with the neon light in the market, our neon silicone is not easily turn yellow.

Light strip anti-break piece: Our neon lights are equipped with anti-fragmentation pieces, which are used to fix the light strip to prevent the light strip from breaking at the 0.5m welding point.

Glue Processing: Apply glue to the inside of the plug first, then apply a circle of glue to the outside of the neon light port, and finally insert the plug into the neon light. In this way, the neon lights have a good waterproof effect and are not easy to enter the water.

For more details, please click LED neon light advantages to download the PDF file.

How to Install DMX LED Neon Strips?

DMX LED Neon lights are versatile, bright, and can be controlled to create dazzling light effects. Here’s a simple step-by-step guide on how to install them:

Step 1: Get your equipment ready.
Before installation, make sure you have all the necessary equipment: DMX LED neon Strips, DMX controller, DMX cable, power supply, mounting clips (optional).

Step 2: Plan layout and set up the DMX controller.
Sketch out where you want to install your DMX LED Neon lights. Consider the length of the light strips, the location of the power outlets, and the placement of the DMX controller. Then set up the DMX controller and connect it to your power supply.

Step 3: Connect the DMX LED neon lights to the controller.
Usually, DMX LED Neon Lights come with specific connectors for DMX control. Connect one end of the DMX cable to the output of the DMX controller, and the other end to the input of the LED Neon light strip.

Step 4: Power up the DMX controller and the LED neon lights.
Plug in the power supply to a power outlet and then to your DMX controller. Your DMX controller should now be powered on. Proceed to connect the power supply to your LED Neon lights.

Step 5: Test the setup.
Before you proceed with the full installation, it’s a good idea to test the setup. Power on the DMX controller and check if you can control the LED Neon lights as expected.

Step 6: Mount the LED neon lights.
If everything is working properly, you can now mount the LED Neon lights in your desired location. The mounting clips can be used to secure them.

Once the lights are mounted and secured, you can start playing with the DMX controller settings to adjust colors, brightness, and patterns. Enjoy your cool neon lighting now!


DMX LED neon lights offer precise control, energy efficiency, and durability.

Yes, DMX LED neon lights can be used both indoors and outdoors. For outdoor using, please choosing IP65, IP67, and IP68 neon lights.

You’ll need a DMX controller and a bit of technical know-how. The lights are connected to the controller, which is then used to program the lighting states. If you need a specific lighting effect, we can design and program for you.

Yes, they consume significantly less power than traditional neon lights.

Yes. At designated cut points, the neon lights can be trimmed to the desired length without affecting their functionality. And we can customize the length for you.