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SP616E LED controller

SP616E Bluetooth Music Controller

Professional LED Pixel Lights and Controllers Supplier


1. Supports both APP control and compatible with AmbiBox software;

2. Support automatic device connection and automatic re-connection when the APP turns on;

3. Support multiple devices grouping control;

4. Multiple sound collection methods: phone mic, player streaming, on-board mic;

5. Support modifying the device name, calibrate the RGB channel sequence, and timer function;

6. Compatible with the common single-line LED driver IC on the market, can drive up to 600 pixels;

7. Built-in 142 dynamic effects, effect length adjustable, with favour effects collecting function;

8. Built-in 18 music effects, effect length adjustable, sensitivity adjustable;

9. DC5V voltage input, the power supply has an anti-reverse connection function;

10. Automatic saving function for setting parameters.

SP616E Bluetooth Music & AmbiBox Pixel LED Controller

SP616E LED controller
SP616E connect with LED strip

Specification download

SP616E Blooth Music Controller Specification Specificationdownload icon png

APP Control

SP616E supports being controlled by APP, both IOS and Android versions are available;

Apple devices are required IOS 10.0 or later, Android devices are required Android 4.4 or later; you can search “SceneX” in the App Store or Google Play to find the APP, or scan the QR code to download and install:

SP616E APP control

Button Functions

On/Off button: Turning on or off the LED light;
Mode button M: Switching between the AmbiBox and build-in effects;
Build-in effects Switching button S: Switching the built-in effects.

Wire Connection

SP616E wire connection