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Acrylic pixel tube light customized

Acrylic Pixel Tube Light

Mainly used in bars, commercial squares and other occasions

Acrylic Pixel Tube Light Effect Display

Acrylic Pixel Tube Lighting Effect Vedio

Product Description


(1) Acrylic Pixel Tube light is a newly developed product.

(2) Acrylic Pixel Tube light adopts high-quality PCB circuit board, high-brightness super high-quality LED, it is a kind of indoor landscape decorative light, mainly used in bars, commercial squares and other occasions.

(3) Acrylic Pixel Tube light is easy to install, which can be made into waterproof and non-waterproof. And this pixel tube light can guide lamp uses the light guide column to export the light, which makes the light softer, more delicate and less dazzling. It can be connected arbitrarily according to the environment, and the flickering effect can be set at will according to your requirements. The main colors are addressable RGB and RGBW.

(4) Acrylic Pixel Tube light support DMX512 and TTL control way.

(5) The shell of the pixel tube light is composed of imported light guide plate materials and aluminum alloy. The advantages of its materials: high-quality heat resistance, good transparency and high impact resistance and light guide effect, and has high light transmittance, uniform light emission, good light guide effect, etc.

Product Parameters

Customization Available

(1) Control Method: TTL

ModuleVoltage (V)Power (Watt)Pixel Qty (piece)Diameter (mm)LED ColorSize (mm)IP RatingControl Method

(2) Control Method: DMX

ModuleVoltage (V)Power (Watt)Pixel Qty (piece)Diameter (mm)LED ColorSize (mm)IP RatingControl Method

Product Dimensions

Acrylic pixel tube light Product Dimensions led tube

Installation Notes

(1) Please read the manual in detail before installation.
(2) Before installation, make sure that the working voltage of the LED meteor tube light matches the output voltage of the switching power supply you purchased.
(3) When installing, pay attention to the wiring label of the lamp. The red wire is connected to “positive (+)”, the black wire is connected to “negative (-)”, and other colors are detailed on the wiring label of the lamp. The wiring must be powered off during installation.
(4) It is strictly forbidden to cut off the male and female head wires with electricity, so as not to burn out the lamps in the short-circuit.
(5) LED meteor tube light with control must comply with the male in and female out, and the direction of the signal must be connected in series when connecting the lamps.
(6) This lamp is forbidden to be disassembled without permission, if it is disassembled without permission, our company will not bear the warranty.

Simple troubleshooting

(1) When the lamp does not turn on when it is powered on: check whether the switching power supply has a working output voltage, or whether the working voltage of the switching power supply is normal.
(2) After the switch power supply works normally, the lamp still does not light up: check whether the signal line
of the lamp is connected incorrectly or whether the connection is normal, and check whether the controller works normally and whether it has been powered on.
(3) The above work is normal, but the lamp still does not light up: check whether the SD card of the controller has been inserted, and whether there is a program in the SD card.
(4) The lamp jumps or flickers: Check whether the negative pole of the lamp is connected in parallel with the negative pole of the switching power supply including the GND of the controller.
(5) If the above inspection is completed, it is still out of control, please contact our sales staff to deal with it.

Control Diagram and Installation Diagram

1. Madrix control
Recommended controller: T790K, YC3000

pixel tube light Madrix control

2.Online control by computer
Recommended controller: T-790K
Online control by computer pixel tube acrylic

3.Main controller + sub controller (Big project)
Recommended controller: Main controller: XB-Z2/MR-BF12B,
Sub controller: T-780K/MR-218DW

Main controller sub controller pixel led tube

4.Built-in program Auto loop playback (Small project)
Recommended controller: K1000C, K8000C

Built in program Auto loop playback

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