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S8000L MA Console Controller

  • A led screen

  • 32-65536-level grayscale

  • Gamma correction

  • Various point, line and area light sources

  • Various rules and special-shaped processing

  • Write address for DMX512 led pixel light

S 8000L sunlite 800 800

S8000L MA Console Controller Production Pictures

S8000L controller MA Console
S8000L controller new upgrade
S8000L controller

S-8000L Controller Common Problem Handling

Question 1: After power on, it is found that SD Error is displayed on the screen of the controller, and there is no effect output?
A: The screen displays SD Error, which proves that the controller does not read the card correctly. The possible problems are:

① The SD card is empty, and there is no effect file.
② The effect file *.led file in the SD card does not match the controller model, please select the controller model correctly in the software,
chip model, and recreate the effect file *.led.
③ Re-test after replacing the SD card to rule out the possibility of the SD card being damaged.

Question 2: After the controller is powered on, the indicator lights are normal, but the lamps have no effect.

A: This is the case for the following reasons:

① Please check whether the signal line of the lamp and the controller are properly connected.
② The signal of conventional lamps is divided into in and out, and it is determined whether the control is the signal input of the first lamp.

Question 3: After the controller and the lamps are connected, the lamps flicker frequently, and the effect changes, and the indicator lights of the controller display normally.

①The ground wire between the controller and the lamp is not connected.

②The effect made in the SD card is wrong, and the lamp chip selected when doing the effect does not match the actual
lamp chip.

③ If the chip is not locked when doing the effect on the software, press the chip of the controller to the corresponding chip of the lamp. For details, please refer to
IC sequence on the sticker on the controller.

④ The power supply voltage of the lamps is insufficient.

Question 4: SD card cannot be formatted.
A: ① First, confirm whether the protection switch on the side of the SD card has been unlocked. The unlocking direction is the gold pin end of the SD card.

② The protection lock has been designed as required, but it still cannot be formatted. If this happens, the SD card reader is mostly broken, please replace the SD card reader (it is recommended to use a card reader with better quality, and SSK (Biao) is recommended. King) card reader).
③ If the above operations cannot solve the formatting problem, please replace the SD card and test again.

Question 5: After the console is connected to the controller, there is no response to the lighting control by the console.


① First, confirm whether the connection between the console and the controller is correct.

② The controller displays whether each channel is normally activated.

③ Check whether the SD card in the controller is normal, remove the connection with the console, and confirm the operation effect (the effect can be run, that is, there is no problem with the SD card, otherwise, the SD is abnormal).