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WS2812B vs WS2813

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LED pixel lighting has revolutionized the way we create dynamic, colorful, and interactive lighting displays. With a wide range of addressable LED pixel lights available, it can be challenging to figure out which one is perfect for your project. In this article, we will compare two popular models: WS2812B and WS2813. By understanding their differences, you can make an informed decision about which one is the best fit for your needs.

WS2812B vs WS2813: LED Strip Compare

WS2812B 3pin vs WS2813 4pin

Figure 1. WS2812B 3-wire LED strip vs WS2813 4-wire LED strip

WS2812B is the upgraded version of WS2812, which has integrated the drive chip and circuit into an SMD LED. WS2813 is the upgraded version of WS2812B. Like WS2812, it supports individual control and has the same 256 grayscales. The critical difference between WS2812B and WS2813 is that the WS2813 LED strip has dual data transmission, while WS2812B has single data transmission.

Below is a comparison table that shows the differences and similarities between WS2812B and WS2813 LED strip lights.

Item WS2812B LED Strip WS2813LED Strip
Scan Rate 400Hz 2000Hz
Wire Positive + Negative +Single Data Wire Positive + Negative +Dual Data Wire
Break Continue Function No Yes
LED Density 60leds/m, 200leds/m 60leds/m, 144leds/m
LED Package SMD5050, SMD2020 SMD5050
Price Middle(++) High(+++)
Voltage DC5V DC5V
Voltage Drop High High
IC Type Built-in IC Built-in IC
Individual Control Yes Yes
Cutting Unit 1 LED 1 LED
Grayscale 256 256

Table 1. A comparison table shows the differences and similarities of WS2812B vs WS2813.

Video 1. WS2812B vs WS2813 RGB LED strip

Differences between WS2812B and WS2813

Increased data transmission speed

As the upgraded version, the WS2813 IC has increased its data transmission rate from 400Hz of WS2812B to 2000Hz. This faster data rate allows WS2813 LED strip for smoother animations and more precise color control.

Add a backup signal wire

WS2812B LED strips have a Positive wire, a Negative wire, and a Data wire. After upgrading, WS2813 has a positive wire, a negative wire, and two signal wires. The extra signal wire is used as a backup, which enables the WS2813 light strip can still work normally when one LED on the strip is broken. But for WS2812B, if one LED on the strip is broken, the entire strip can not work and the signal will stop at the break point. This makes the WS2813 LED strips have a more stable performance than WS2812B.

Break continue function

Due to the WS2813 strip lights having dual data transmission wires, the backup wire will still transfer data to the next LED after the break point to ensure other LEDs on the strip can work normally except the one broken LED. If one LED of the WS2812B strip is damaged or burned, the following strip from the breakpoint can not work. (Please note that if 2 consecutive LEDs on WS2813 LED strip are damaged, the strip cannot work.)

WS2812B VS WS2813

Figure 2. WS2812B no break continue vs WS2813 break continue

LED strip density and package

SuntechLite produces quality WS2812B and WS2813 LED strips. For WS2812B LED strip, there are two kinds of density: 60leds/m and 200leds/m. The 60leds/m WS2812B LED strip uses SMD5050 package LED, and 200leds/m model uses SMD2020 package LED. The 60leds/m version uses 10mm width PCB, and 200leds/m version uses 3.5mm width PCB.

ws2812b 60leds 120leds

Figure 3. WS2812B 60leds 120leds

WS2813 60leds 144leds

Figure 4. WS2813 60leds 144leds

For WS2813 LED strip, there also two kinds of density to choose from: 60leds/m and 144leds/m. The 60leds/m and 144leds/m WS2813 LED strip both use SMD5050 package LED. 60leds/m model uses 10mm width PCB, and 144leds/m uses 12mm width PCB.


The price of WS2813 is higher than WS2812B, since the WS2813 LED strip is the upgraded version that has a better and more stable performance than WS2812B.

Similarities between WS2812B and WS2813

Voltage and Power Consumption

Both WS2812B and WS2813 LED strips operate at a 5V voltage and have similar power consumption levels. 

Voltage Drop

Voltage drop is a common problem that occurs in LED strips as the length of the strip increases or when the strip is powered from a single end. This can cause the LEDs at the end of the strip to appear dimmer than the ones at the beginning of the strip. WS2812B and WS2813 strips being DC5V, they are both facing a high voltage drop problem.

To solve this problem, you can use multiple power supplies to power different sections of the LED strip, usually every 5 meters to power.

Individual Control

Both WS2812B and WS2813 are built-in IC, each IC drives one LED. The individual control function enables these two kinds of LED strips to be precisely controlled to create more brilliant lighting effects.

Cutting Unit

Both WS2812B and WS2813 strips can be cut to every single LED, which makes the light strips extremely flexible and can be installed on any surface.

Color and Brightness

Both WS2812 and WS2813 LED strips are RGB color. Both models offer 256 levels of brightness and display vibrant colors. However, the WS2813 may provide slightly better color consistency across multiple LEDs due to its higher refresh rate 2000Hz.

Price and Availability

The WS2813 is generally more expensive than the WS2812B due to its additional features and improved performance. However, both models are widely available from various suppliers

Choosing Between WS2812B and WS2813

The choice between WS2812B and WS2813 largely depends on your specific needs and budget. If you require a more reliable and stable lighting display with improved performance, the WS2813 may be worth the additional cost. However, if you are looking for an affordable and versatile option, the WS2812B remains a popular choice.

WS2812B LED Pixel Light

Key Features and Specifications

The WS2812B is a popular addressable RGB LED that features a built-in control circuit and a high-intensity RGB LED chip. Some key specifications include:

  • Operating voltage: 5V
  • 256 levels of brightness
  • 800kbps data transmission rate
  • 24-bit color resolution

Common Uses and Applications

The WS2812B is widely used in various applications due to its versatility, ease of use, and affordability. Examples include LED strips, decorative lighting, wearable electronics, and interactive displays.

WS2813 LED Pixel Light

Key Features and Specifications

The WS2813 is an upgraded version of the WS2812B, offering additional features and improved performance. Some key specifications include:

  • Operating voltage: 5V
  • 256 levels of brightness
  • 800 Kbps data transmission rate
  • 24-bit color resolution
  • Breakpoint continue function

Common Uses and Applications

Like the WS2812B, the WS2813 is well-suited for various applications, such as signage, stage lighting, and interactive installations, where improved performance and reliability are desired.

Tips for Installation and Usage

To ensure the best performance and longevity of your LED pixel lights, consider the following tips:

  • Use a suitable power supply with the DC5V and correct current rating
  • Plan your wiring layout carefully to minimize voltage drop and signal loss
  • Use quality LED strips with capacitors and resistors to protect the LEDs and stabilize the data signal
  • Test your setup before final installation to identify and resolve any issues


Both the WS2812B and WS2813 addressable LED pixel lights offer unique advantages, making them suitable for various applications. By understanding their key differences and considering your specific needs, you can choose the right model for your project and create stunning, dynamic lighting displays.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between WS2812B and WS2813 LED strips?

The main difference between WS2812B and WS2813 LED strips is that WS2813 has a backup data line, while WS2812B only has a single data line. The backup data line on the WS2813 allows for the LED strip to continue functioning properly even if one of the LEDs or data lines fails.

2. Which is brighter, WS2812B or WS2813?

The brightness of WS2812B and WS2813 LED strips is generally similar, as both types of LED strips use the same type of LED chips. However, the brightness may vary depending on factors such as the number of LEDs, the voltage, and the power supply used.

3. How do I wire WS2812B and WS2813 LED strips?

Wiring WS2812B strips needs 3-wire connectors, and WS2813 LED strips require 4-wire connectors. And they both need to connect with the 5VDC power, simple controller or other corresponding LED controller.

4. Which is more reliable, WS2812B or WS2813?

Both WS2812B and WS2813 LED strips are generally reliable, but the WS2813 may be more reliable due to its backup data line. If an LED or data line fails on a WS2813 LED strip, the backup data line can continue to transmit data to the rest of the LEDs.

5. What is the data transfer rate for WS2812B LED strips?

The data transfer rate for WS2812B LED strips is typically around 800 Kbps. This data transfer rate allows for high-speed communication between the LED strip and a microcontroller or LED controller.

6. How does the dual data line on WS2813 LED strips work?

The dual data line on WS2813 LED strips works by providing a backup data line in case one of the data lines or LEDs fails. The first data line sends data to the LEDs as usual, while the second data line acts as a backup and is only activated if the first data line fails.

SuntechLite focuses on quality pixel LED strip lights products and sales, and we provide 5 years warranty for all of our LED strips. Please click the below product to view more details.

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