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TM1814 vs SK6812

Suntech Lite is a top manufacturer and supplier that focuses on pixel LED strips and LED neon lights.

If you’re planning to use addressable pixel LED strips for a lighting and decoration project, choosing the LED strips with the right IC is crucial. However, there are various LED strips with different ICs on the market, it can be confusing when choosing the right one for your lighting project. Among the many options available, the TM1814 and SK6812 are often compared. In this article, we’ll compare these two kinds of LED strips, highlighting their differences and advantages, to help you make an informed decision for your project.

TM1814 LED Strip vs SK6812 LED Strip

TM1814 vs SK6812

Figure 1. TM1814 LED strip vs SK6812 LED strip

Video 1. TM1814 RGBW LED Strip vs SK6812 RGBW LED Strip

The most obvious difference between TM1814 and SK6812 is that the TM1814 is an external IC and SK6812 is a built-in IC. Besides, TM1814 usually supports DC12V and 24V LED strips while SK6812 only supports DC5V LED strips.

Here is a comparing table to clearly display the differences and similarities between TM1814 and SK6812 LED strip lights.

ItemTM1814 LED StripSK6812 LED Strip
IC TypeExternal ICBuilt-in IC
LED Density60leds/m30leds/m, 60leds/m, 144leds/m
PCB Width10mm5mm, 8mm, 10mm
Cutting Unit12V: every 3 LEDs, 24V: every 6 LEDs1 LED
Individual ControlNoYes
Voltage DropLowHigh
LED PackageSMD5050SMD5050/3535
WirePositive + Negative +Single Data WirePositive + Negative +Single Data wire
Data rate800KHz800KHz
PWM frequency1000Hz1200Hz

Table 1. A table quickly shows the differences and similarities between TM1814 and SK6812.

Based on the above comprehensive comparison table, we can see that TM1814 and SK6812 LED strips have many differences and also have some similarities.

Similarities: Both TM1814 and SK6812 LED strips require a positive, negative, and single data wire for wiring. They also both support 256 levels of grayscale, have a data rate of 800KHz, 
Next, we will compare their differences in detail.

Differences: TM1814 vs SK6812

IC Type

We mentioned earlier that TM1814 is an external IC, and SK6812 is a built-in IC, so SK6812 LED strip supports individual LED control while TM1814 does not.

external IC vs Built in IC

Figure 2. TM1814 is external IC, SK6812 is built-in IC


TM1814 LED strip is usually 12V and 24V, and the voltage range is wider than that of SK6812, while SK6812 can only be 5V. This causes the SK6812 to have a more obvious voltage drop than the TM1814. Generally, it is necessary to supply power to the SK6812 every 5 meters to ensure stable performance.


TM1814 LED strip is RGBW, while SK6812 strip can be RGB, RGBW, White, and WWA. The variety of color options makes SK6812 LED strip suitable for more lighting scenarios.

LED Density

The TM1814 LED strip is usually 60LEDs/m, and SK6812 LED strip is usually 60leds/m and 144leds/m. The high density choice enables SK6812 LED strip suitable for high-quality spot-free uniform lighting.

PCB Width

The PCB width of the TM1814 LED strip is only 10mm. For SK6812 strip light, you can choose 5mm, 8mm, and 10mm in SuntechLite. More PCB width options make SK6812 suitable for a variety of installation surfaces and a wider range of applications.

Individual Control

TM1814 LED strips have external ICs, and cannot be controlled individually. The 12V TM1814 strip can be controlled every 3 LEDs, and the  24V model can be controlled every 6 LEDs. However, the SK6812 LED strips have built-in ICs and are featured in individual LED control, which is suitable for precise control lighting.

Voltage Drop

Due to the voltage difference, they have different voltage drop performance. The SK6812 LED strips have a high voltage drop and need to be powered every 5 meters. The TM1814 strips usually need to be powered every 10 to 15 meters.

LED Package

TM1814 LED package only SMD 5050, while SK6812 LED package has SMD 5050 and SMD 3535. Our 5mm SK6812 addressable LED strip uses the 3535 SMD package LEDs.

SMD5050 SMD3535

Figure 3. SMD3535 vs SMD5050


The price of SK6812 is higher than the TM1814 addressable LED strip, and we can clearly understand this from the above features comparison.


In conclusion, both the TM1814 and SK6812 LED pixel lights have their distinct advantages and are suitable for various applications. By comparing their features and considering your specific project requirements, you can make an informed decision and choose the right LED pixel light for your needs. Ultimately, the choice between TM1814 and SK6812 will depend on factors such as color, signal transmission, voltage, refresh rate, and price properties.

SuntechLite is a professional LED strip light manufacturer, and we provide kinds of addressable LED strips with various ICs. Please let us know your requirements, and our sales staff will recommend the most suitable LED strip for you. 

Following are TM1814 LED strip and SK6812 LED strip pages, please click to view more details:

TM1814 Addressable RGBW LED Strip

Item NoVoltagePowerPCB SizeLED QtyColorBreak Continue
STE-TTL-3PIN- RGBW-60-12VDC12V19.2w/m5000*10*0.360leds/mRGBWNo
STE-TTL-3PIN- RGBW-60-12VDC24V19.2w/m5000*10*0.360leds/mRGBWNo

SK6812 RGB/RGBW/White/WWA LED Strip

Item No Voltage Power PCB Size LED Qty Color Break Continue
STB-SK6812-3PIN- RGB-60-5V-5mm DC5V 14.4W//M 5000*5*0.22mm 60leds/m RGB No
STB-SK6812-3PIN- RGBW-60-5V-5mm DC5V 14.4W/M 5000*5*0.22mm 60leds/m RGBW No
STB-SK6812-3PIN- RGBW-66-12mm DC5V-24V

DC5V 12W/M

DC24V 34W/M

5000*12*0.3mm 66leds/m RGBW No
STB-SK6812-3PIN- RGBW-144-5V-8mm DC5V 25.9W/M 5000*8*0.3 144leds/m RGBW No
STB-SK6812-3PIN- RGBW-144-5V-12mm DC5V 25.9W/M 5000*12*0.3 144leds/m RGBW No
STB-SK6812-3PIN- W-60-5V-10mm DC5V 14.4W//M 5000*5*0.22mm 60leds/m White No
STB-SK6812-3PIN- WWA-60-5V-10mm DC5V 14.4W//M 5000*5*0.22mm 60leds/m WWA No

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