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15x25mm horizontal bend 10mm strip neon light for car interior product

15*25mm Horizontal Bend 10mm Strip Neon Light For Car Interior

Product Code: 3SSV15*25-10-180°

15x25mm horizontal bend 10mm strip neon light for car interior side lighting

Technical Specifications

PCB Width (mm): Side 10

Weight (g/m): 320

Section Size (mm): 15*25

Beam Angle: 180°

Lighting Direction: 3 Sides Top Lighting

Cutting Mark: Yes

15x25mm horizontal bend 10mm strip neon light for car interior application

Production Process Options Available

Non extrusion Production Normal End Caps vs Extrusion Production Moulded End Caps
Non extrusion Production Normal End Caps
Extrusion Production Moulded End Caps

Product Feature

Neon Size: 15X25mm Top Lighting, inner LED strip PCB width is 10mm. 

LED Strip Inside:

SPI LED strip

DMX LED strip

COB LED strip

Non-addressable SMD LED strip

LED Quantity: 60LEDs per meter or High density

LED Strip option:

SPI LED strip:

WS2815 LED Strip RGB 84leds/m 84pixels/m 10mm width 12W/m DC12v

WS2812 LED Strip White 60leds/m 60pixels/m 10mm width 12W/m DC5v

DMX LED strip:

UCS512 LED Strip RGB 60leds/m 20pixels/m 10mm width 14.4W/m DC12v

COB LED strip:

COB LED Strip CCT 576leds/m 10mm width 14W/m DC12v

Non-addressable SMD LED strip:

SMD2835 LED Strip White 120leds/m 10mm width DC24v

Color Available:  RGB / CCT/ White

Voltage Available: DC5V/ 12V / DC24V

Waterproof Level: IP67 Waterproof rating, suitable for indoor and outdoor LED lighting projects. 

Length: 5meters or customized

LED Chip Type: SMD2835, SMD5050

Working Power: Not higher than 14.4w per meter

Material: Silicone, anti-UV, not turn Yellow

Lifespan: 50000 hours, is longer than ordinary PVC Rubber Tube. Weather Resistance, Anti-UV, perfect heat dissipation.

Warranty: 3 years / 5 years 

15*25mm horizontal curved neon light design suitable for 10mm LED light strips. It is a fashionable match for car interior lighting. Do you have any good decorative car lighting solutions? Please look here. Here are four ways this neon light can transform your car’s interior:

-Footwell Lighting: Improve nighttime visibility by adding soft lighting to the footwell.
-Door Trim: Use neon lights to outline door panels and enhance your car’s interior design. The modern feel is overwhelming.
-Trunk lighting: car trunk area lighting. Makes it easier for you to find items in low light conditions.

This neon light operates on a 12V input. Safely matches the car’s electrical system. You don’t need to prepare additional power supply. This neon product is available in multiple color options including RGB, white, RGBW and CCT. The light can be custom cut at 25mm intervals for easy DIY installation based on your specific car interior design needs.





LED Strip Compatibility


Input Voltage


Color Options



Every 25mm


50,000 hours

Want to personalize your car? As a car enthusiast who pursues high quality and unique style, you should consider customizing your car lighting with LED neon strips.

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